By Ben Eagle
February 04, 2014

Champ Bailey is set to make $10 million, none of which is guaranteed, in 2014.Champ Bailey is set to make $10 million, none of which is guaranteed, in 2014. (Paul Sancya/AP)

Champ Bailey isn't ready to walk away.

"I'm not done playing football," Bailey said, per the Denver Post. "So I feel like I'm going to give myself another shot next year."

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Bailey, 35, dismissed the notion of moving from cornerback to safety, a natural progression when players lose a step or two.

"Most corners at my age either retire, stink it up or they move to safety. History says that's the way it plays out," Bailey told reporters at Media Day. "I'm not going to be running a 4.1 like I did when I was 22, but I also know I'm a lot smarter. I've got a lot more experience, and I still play corner. I'm not going to move anywhere any time soon."

Following a disappointing performance in the Super Bowl, Bailey, a 15-year veteran, changed his tone.

"If it makes sense," Bailey said when asked about a positional change, "it's something I'd definitely look into."

Whether that move to safety happens in Denver will depend on the finances. As Chris Burke detailed yesterday, Bailey is set to make $10 million in 2014, but none of it is guaranteed.

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