By Chris Burke
February 19, 2014

Kirk Cousins trade: Washington Redskins QB was 0-3 as a starter in relief of Robert Griffin III last season. Kirk Cousins (top) was 0-3 as a starter in relief of Robert Griffin III last season. (Richard Lipski/AP)

Ex-Washington coach Mike Shanahan speculated in December that backup QB Kirk Cousins could fetch a first-round pick via trade. The Redskins may have reduced the price since then. Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that the Redskins "want a second-round pick ... if they are going to trade" Cousins.

Is that a reasonable request? It may depend on what happens atop the 2014 draft -- and more specifically, how desperate teams needing a QB find themselves once the Teddy Bridgewaters and Johnny Manziels of the world are off the board. Should a franchise such as Minnesota walk out of Day 1 of the draft still considering its possibilities at quarterback, Washington might have a greater shot at landing its asking price.

Which means, in turn, that this situation is not likely to be resolved any time soon.

The free-agent class at quarterback lacks any apparent long-term answers, but there intriguing options like Michael Vick, Josh McCown, Matt Cassel and Chad Henne set to hit the market. All started at points last season and could at least bridge the gap from the 2014 draft to the '15 draft, when Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariota and others could jump to the NFL.

Cousins' 2013 performance will not make it easy for Washington to cash in on a trade. He was 0-3 as a starter in relief of Robert Griffin III, with seven interceptions to just four TD passes. His completion percentage of 52.3 was well down from the 68 percent clip he posted in spot duty during the 2012 year. The 25-year-old's brief experience gives him a resume boost over any rookies coming into the league, though he hardly has lit the world afire when on the field.

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