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February 26, 2014

Minnesota Vikings 2014 NFL Mock Draft Tracker: Blake Bortles, UCF Blake Bortles, UCF (Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

What will the Minnesota Vikings do in the 2014 NFL draft? Keep track of all the predictions made in our mock drafts leading up to Round 1 on May 8.

March 5, 2014 — 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (Doug Farrar)

Round 1, pick 8: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

We said: Yes, this is a bit of an overdraft, but Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has never been shy about pulling the trigger a bit early for a perceived need — and there’s nothing perceived about Minnesota’s need for a franchise quarterback. Bortles is still learning multiple-read concepts, and he’ll be befuddled at times by NFL defenses. But with offensive coordinator Norv Turner in tow, Bortles does have the innate ability to become a great NFL signal-caller over time.

Feb. 26, 2014 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 5.0 (Chris Burke)

Round 1, pick 8: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

We said: Minnesota may not be able to sit here and wait, especially if two quarterbacks come off the board in the top three or four picks. This mock fell perfectly for them, with Bortles available for the taking at No. 8. With Bortles, Cordarrelle Patterson and Adrian Peterson in place, the Vikings would have the makings of an intimidating, balanced offense.

Round 2, pick 40: Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State

We said: Shazier at 40 would have the Vikings cartwheeling to the podium.

Feb. 19, 2014  – 2014 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Don Banks)

Round 1, pick 8: C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama

We said: The Vikings likely will face a scenario in which the top three highest-rated quarterbacks are off the board, and their decision will come down to rolling the dice on Fresno State's Derek Carr or spending the pick on a defender or receiver with a solid top-10 grade. After Minnesota reached for quarterback Christian Ponder at No. 12 in 2011, I'm not convinced general manager Rick Spielman will go that route once again. In Mosley, the Vikings would have a pro-ready talent with strong leadership skills, a proven record of production and the ability to supply some pass rush in the event Jared Allen leaves via free agency.

Feb. 6, 2014 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Doug Farrar)

Round 1, pick 8: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

We said: Matt Cassell will void his contract and become a free agent, and it’s not like he was the long-term answer at the position, anyway. And Christian Ponder isn’t really the answer to any question at this point. New head coach Mike Zimmer has a quandary at the game’s most important position, and Bortles would be an intriguing pick here. He’s already impressed many of those who would ordinarily dismiss him due to the small-school bias. The next step will be to take his impressive size (6-foot-5, 230 pounds) and surprising mobility and add an advanced playbook understanding. Right now, Bortles is a see-it-and-throw-it guy who will bail against pressure.

Jan. 9, 2014 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Chris Burke)

Round 1, pick 8: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

We said: That Vikings fans would be skittish over this pick is understandable. The last time they attempted to draft a franchise QB, with Christian Ponder in 2011, they flopped miserably. Carr has issues with his mechanics to work out and played in a very QB-friendly offense. This is not a slam dunk.

But the Vikings need a quarterback, and Carr’s skill level makes him worth the risk. Minnesota has the O-line Carr needs in front of him, plus catch-and-go weapons like Cordarrelle Patterson. Carr could erase the Ponder mistake.

Dec. 5, 2013 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 3.1 (Chris Burke)

Round 1, pick 6: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

We said: What happens after Bridgewater at the QB spot depends so much on which players declare — Mariota did not. Will Johnny Manziel? Blake Bortles? Brett Hundley? We know Carr, a senior, will be available. And if you think his prospects are gaining steam now, just wait until the Senior Bowl.

Sept. 24, 2013 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (Chris Burke) 

Round 1, pick 5: Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

We said: The Christian Ponder experiment is on its last days — the home fans chanting for Matt Cassel in a Week 3 loss to Cleveland might have been the final blow. So either here or in Round 2, the Vikings have to roll the dice on a quarterback. Given how quickly that position may come off the board, waiting would be a massive gamble.

April 30, 2013 -- 2014 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Chris Burke)

Round 1, pick 18: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

We said:

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