By Josh Sanchez
March 18, 2014

Trindon Holliday scored four return touchdowns for the Broncos in the past two seasons.Trindon Holliday scored four return touchdowns for the Broncos in the past two seasons. (Joe Mahoney/AP)

Kick return specialist and former LSU track star Trindon Holliday is listed at just 5-foot-5, 170 pounds, making him one of the smallest players in the NFL. Holliday's height received plenty of attention when he was making the transition from college to the pros, but he doesn't believe it's hindered him. In fact, Holliday appears to think that it helps.

“Sometimes, I think my size is an advantage,” he told the Giants' official website. “I can field the kicks and hide behind those big linemen when the other guys are coming down. It’s hard for them to see me.”

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When opposing players are running down the field and attempting to spot the ballcarrier, Holliday says that being smaller allows him to see the lanes develop better and gives him an advantage to hit them as soon as he is spotted by tacklers.

The Giants will hope that their free-agent acquisition can continue using his lack of height as an advantage when he returns kicks for the team and attempts to continue being the threat that he developed into during his time in Denver. Holliday returned both a kick and a punt for a touchdown last season, giving him four return scores in his past two seasons.

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