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March 19, 2014

(Orlando Ramirez/ Icon SMI) Derek Carr completed 68.7 percent of his passes last season for an NCAA-best 5,082 yards and 50 touchdowns. (Orlando Ramirez/ Icon SMI)

Hearing your name called on draft day is the dream for hundreds of NCAA football players. In May, that dream will become a reality for more than 200 of them.

Derek Carr may be the consummate teammate. He's fiercely competitive -- "I'm not going to let anybody out-throw me ... I'm not going to let anybody out-play-fake me," he said -- yet a natural leader who can get the most out of his teammates.

"Guys just love playing for him and with him," his older brother and former No. 1 overall pick David Carr said. "That's definitely his strength."

As Carr trains ahead of his pro day and the NFL draft, he believes he brings a complete package without any drawbacks. "I've been a starting quarterback for three years, I've played in two systems," he said. "I can do whatever I'm asked to where someone can say, 'Okay, we trust him with the keys to the Ferrari. Now don't crash it.'"

Go behind the scenes as Carr, a projected late-first-, early-second-round pick, prepares for the challenges that await him in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft.

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