By Josh Sanchez
March 25, 2014

(Greg Nelson/SI) (Greg Nelson/SI)

The Dallas Cowboys have plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but defense is another matter. While the Cowboys work to fill those holes, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't want to classify what the team is doing as a rebuilding process.

When Jones was asked on Tuesday whether or not the Cowboys were rebuilding, he made it clear that you don't rebuild when you have the power of Romo. "Not at all," Jones told reporters, via the Dallas Morning News. "You don't rebuild with Tony Romo. "The firepower we have on offense and where we are with our running backs, and our receivers ... you don't rebuild with an offense that's got the capability we've got. We didn't bring [Scott] Linehan in here to rebuild."

While the team may not be rebuilding, it has been stuck at .500 for the past three years.

The lack of postseason success hasn't hurt Jones' confidence, though, because he feels that it is the perfect time to make an investment that will help the team in the future.

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"There is no question we pushed it to the hilt in the belief that this was the time to do it, a time when Romo was arguably at one of the highest times of his career," Jones said. "When I look back over the last three years, that was the time to make the investment. And we did."

Unfortunately, the investments that Jones and company have made led to salary cap issues that forced the Cowboys to gut their defense this offseason.

Whether Jones wants to admit it or not, the Cowboys are at least working to rebuild their defense.

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