By Josh Sanchez
April 01, 2014

(Erich Schlegel for SI) The 49ers are set at QB, but Jim Harbaugh says he'd relish working with Johnny Manziel. (Erich Schlegel for SI)

There is plenty of discussion about whether or not Johnny Manziel will have success in the NFL with his unconventional style and attitude off the field, which has caused some teams to likely look in the direction of other quarterback prospects.

There is one coach out there, however, who is not turned off by the questions that are swirling around Manziel.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, who has had success grooming quarterbacks in the past, is open to taking on Manziel and would welcome any challenges that would come with that decision.

I’d welcome the challenges of taking Johnny Manziel,” Harbaugh said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “[He] sees the field like nobody I’ve ever seen see the field in college football. You’d love to work with that.”

The 49ers currently have Colin Kaepernick at quarterback and they are drafting at the bottom of the first-round, so there is very little chance the team would ever have the opportunity to select Manziel and give Harbaugh the opportunity to work with him, but it is an interesting idea to consider if Manziel has a draft day slide.

At the very least, if a coach like Harbaugh is willing to work with Manziel, it is an indication that someone much earlier in the draft will also be willing to take the risk.

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