By Josh Sanchez
April 01, 2014

Henry Melton wants Dallas Cowboys to remember he can play running backHenry Melton played running back during his first two years at Texas. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys signed former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton during free agency in an attempt to bolster their defensive front, but they may get more than they initially bargained for.

Melton, who played at the University of Texas and under new Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli in Chicago, was quick to remind the Cowboys that he has experience as a running back from his days in high school and college.

"He was very quick to tell me that he was a running back, not a fullback in high school and college," Garrett said, via the Dallas Morning News. "That guy Jamaal Charles kinda got in his way down there at Texas.

"It was a long discussion and a long explanation."

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Melton totaled 625 rushing yards on 132 carries with 16 touchdowns in two seasons as a running back at Texas. He switched to D-line at the start of his junior season.

It would not be an unprecedented move for an NFL team to use a defensive lineman near the goal line in a jumbo package (DROY Sheldon Richardson had two rushing TDs for the Jets last season), and it's hard to deny that Melton has the athleticism to make an impact.

“You see some of those running back traits in terms of quickness, explosiveness, change of direction. He was hurt last year and only played in three games. He’s coming off an ACL, but he played very well for Rod Marinelli a couple of years ago and I feel like we can get him to that place."

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