By Josh Sanchez
April 03, 2014

RGIII won't be giving up No. 10 to DeSean Jackson on Washington RedskinsDeSean Jackson (right) will apparently be wearing a new number in Washington. (LM Otero/AP; Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

When the Washington Redskins signed wide receiver DeSean Jackson, many fans and players -- including quarterback Robert Griffin III -- were quick to praise the move and share their excitement about the upcoming season.

However, there was one issue that arose from the Jackson signing that many had initially ignored.

Both Griffin and Jackson have worn No. 10 since joining the league, and one of them will have to change their number before entering camp. Jackson had told reporters that the men had not yet decided who would wear the number for the upcoming season, but there is no longer any mystery.

According to Griffin, he will not be changing his number.

It would have been a shock if Griffin changed his number, considering quarterbacks often have the most popular jerseys (Griffin was the 11th-most popular jersey in the NFL last season) and they are the face of the franchise. As a new import, Jackson never really had a shot at keeping his old number.

So what number will Jackson wear next? It appears it will be No. 11. He wore No. 1 at Cal and in high school, but wide receivers in the NFL aren't allowed to wear single digits.

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