By Bryan Rose
April 09, 2014

Chris Johnson For the first time since his 2008 rookie season, Chris Johnson will play for a team other than the Titans. (Simon Bruty/SI)

If you want to sign Chris Johnson, you're going to need to glance at his resume because the three-time Pro Bowl talent has no plans to work out for any of the teams interested in bringing him aboard.

The former Tennessee Titans running back appears to believe his statistics and awards speak for themselves as, according to Pro Football Talk, Johnson is going to bypass any requested workouts. His reasoning is that there's no need to risk injury for what teams already know.

Per a league source, Johnson will not be engaging in private tryouts for anyone.  The thinking is that he has generated six years of game film, and he’s a proven commodity.  Either a team wants him, or a team doesn’t.  There’s no need for Johnson to go run and cut and jump and do whatever a team may want to see him do before offering him a contract.

It's an interesting decision by Johnson and likely a smart one as the value in a potential contract isn't likely to shift that greatly simply because he didn't work out. As we've already seen with highly touted offensive lineman prospect Brandon Thomas, injuries do happen during workouts and that's the last thing a free agent player with a well documented history like Johnson wants.

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