By Bryan Rose
April 14, 2014

caption goes here (Robert Beck/SI)Aldon Smith is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons. (Robert Beck/SI)

That linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested on Sunday, this time for making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport, shouldn't have come as a surprise to the San Francisco 49ersAccording to Fox Sports, Smith was red-flagged prior to the 2011 NFL Draft as a player who would likely find himself in off-field trouble more often than his collegiate counterparts.

And the trouble just seems to keep on coming.

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The All-Pro talent has been arrested twice for DUI in the last 27 months, and currently faces three felony weapons charges related to a party at his home in 2012, where Smith was stabbed and two other people were shot. Last September, after his second DUI, Smith spent five weeks in a treatment facility. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided against exacting any suspension based on Smith’s rehab stay, but the behavior falls somewhat in line with what NFL teams were warned about three years ago.

Smith, who was arrested Sunday for allegedly making a bomb threat at Los Angeles International Airport, was red-flagged before the 2011 draft by the North Carolina-based scouting service Human Resource Tactics, which works with subscribing NFL teams.

"He has some past experience with getting into trouble and is a higher-than-average risk for this sort of behavior in the future," the report states.

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