By Bryan Rose
April 14, 2014

Perhaps all the controversy around former Jets QB Mark Sanchez over the last couple of years caused the Jets to opt out of involvement in "Draft Day." (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) Perhaps all the controversy that surrounded the Jets' QB situation -- including their now ex-QB Mark Sanchez -- over the last couple of years caused the Jets to opt out of involvement in the film. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

It appears as if being a team marred in a quarterback controversy hit too close to home for the New York Jets, as the Los Angeles Times reports that the Jets passed on an opportunity to be a featured team in the upcoming film "Draft Day."

The movie, featuring Kevin Costner, centers around the Cleveland Browns and what would have been the New York Jets trading away the first pick to Costner's Browns. That first pick eventually turned into a fictional quarterback, and with their own real-life drama surrounding Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, the Jets opted to pull out of the film just weeks before shooting was to begin.

Ironically enough, replacing the Jets in the film were the Seattle Seahawks -- who of course went on to win the Super Bowl in real life. As the LA Times writes:

It was supposed to serve in the role the Seahawks wound up playing -- the team with the first overall draft pick that trades the pick, and the quarterback most think it should be used for, to Costner's Browns.

It would have been a fitting choice -- after all, the Jets are a team with a dubious honor of many high draft picks and a long record of doing foolish, Johnny "Lam" Jones-ish things with them. And the team has a history of, er, vocal fans at the draft expressing their displeasure at the team's moves, just as the script called for.

But the club pulled out just a few days before shooting was set to begin last year.

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