By Josh Sanchez
April 16, 2014

Jadeveon Clowney may hold one more workout ahead of 2014 NFL draft There are reports that Jadeveon Clowney has already been told he'll be the No. 1 overall pick come May. (Mary Ann Chastain/AP)

Shortly after it was reported that South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would no longer be working out for NFL teams, his agent, Bus Cook, dropped a hint that there could still be one final workout in the pass rusher's future before the 2014 NFL draft.

While it would not be a full workout, Cook said that Clowney may do a quick five-minute workout for a team, but it wouldn't involve any "heavy lifting."

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“He may do one more thing, for one team, maybe a five-minute workout,” Cook told USA Today.  “It doesn’t make sense to do more than that, given the fact of what happened to the Clemson kid.  If they weren’t at the pro day or combine, where are they?

"Just say there will be no heavy lifting. Nothing that will risk injury.”

It may open the door for more criticism to be thrown in Clowney's direction considering the day and age we live in, but it would make perfect sense for him to take it easy in the final weeks before the draft -- he simply has nothing to gain.

Texans he will be the first pick

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