By Josh Sanchez
April 17, 2014

Denver Broncos defense is trying to be the 'best in the world,' says T.J. WardT.J. Ward signed a four-year, $23M deal with the Broncos earlier this offseason. (John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

T.J. Ward was one of the best available safeties on the free agent market and one of many defenders to cash in on a big pay day from the Denver Broncos. While the offense has received most of the praise in recent years thanks to Peyton Manning, Ward and his new teammates are hoping to bring the defensive unit up to the offense's level.

Ward said that the new-look Broncos defense is hoping to “make a statement from ... the first preseason game,” as they try to turn the big free agency spending into success on the field.

The Broncos defense also has bigger plans: world domination.

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“As good as the Broncos offense was last year, you see what happens when you get put up against a stout defense and an offense that can pretty much manage and make some plays here and there,” Ward said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

“We’re sending a message right now that we’re coming in not only trying to be one of the top offenses in the league, but one of the top defenses in the world and get that Super Bowl ring.”

Along with Ward, the Broncos added cornerback Aqib Talib and defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

The Ward and Talib signings filled the biggest needs and will instantly improve a poor Broncos secondary, but Ware could end up making the largest impact. Before the signing of Ware, opposing offenses would only have to fear Von Miller. Now, they will need to make sure their protection is on point or they will watch a ferocious pass rusher come breaking free off of either end.

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