By Bryan Rose
May 01, 2014

NFL draft 2015 location: NFL draft could leave New York, Radio City Music Hall soon Radio City Music Hall in New York has been home to the NFL draft since 2006. (Michael LeBrecht/SI)

We've heard for years that the NFL draft may eventually leave New York City, but nothing has ever come from it.

That might be changing as it appears the arguments for relocating are gaining momentum and it's possible the league could opt to go elsewhere as soon as 2015.

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Currently, the NFL's deal with Radio City Music Hall only runs through this year (with options moving forward), and per an NFL source via the New York Daily News, the league may open the moving of the draft in a bidding process.

When I asked an NFL source if he could envision the league creating a bidding process to host the draft similar to Super Bowl bidding, he said, “I absolutely do. If a decision is made that the NFL draft leaves New York, I’m sure it will be a competitive bidding process. It hasn’t been discussed placing it in any particular cities. A half dozen cities have approached the league and said, ‘When you’re ready to move, we’re ready to host it.’ ”

Multiple NFL owners and high profile officials (mayors, etc) across the country have expressed a desire to bring the NFL Draft to their city, so a potential move seems to be gaining steam.

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