By Josh Sanchez
May 02, 2014

Robert Griffin III OK with less read-option for Washington Redskins It looks like Robert Griffin III will have to rely more on his arm in 2014. (Simon Bruty/SI)

The Washington Redskins have said that they plan on running less of the read-option in 2014 under new head coach Jay Gruden, which will force star quarterback Robert Griffin III to rely more on his arm and ability in the pocket than his legs.

While less running for Griffin could limit the use of one of his greatest skills, he seems to be all for it and is looking forward to his preparation for the upcoming season.

"It's coach's decision. Last year we ran it a lot," Griffin said, via "If he [Gruden] wants to use a sprinkle, a dash, whatever he decides, that's his take, and I'm all for it.

"I know guys like myself have used that attack our whole careers, so it's part of our game. At the same time, it's not like we live and die by it."

With less read-option in the playbook, Griffin will not be forced to take as many hits outside the pocket, which will be better for his health overall. Since he is trying to prove to the team that he is still its franchise quarterback, staying on the field should be a priority.

Griffin struggled last season on his surgically prepared knee, but now that he is set to have a full offseason of work and a new offense that will allow him to make more big plays with his arm, he should be able to rebound well and rediscover the success he experienced during his rookie season.

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