By Bryan Rose
May 07, 2014

2014 NFL draft rumors: Detroit Lions serious about trading up for Sammy Watkins If he ends up in Detroit, Sammy Watkins (right) would join another former ACC star in wideout Calvin Johnson. (Chris Keane/SI)

With Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate already in the fold, the Detroit Lions aren't in desperate need of another wide receiver, but they seem determined to draft one anyway.

The Lions have been linked to a handful of wideouts in recent weeks, most recently Clemson star Sammy Watkins, who has reportedly been informed by Detroit that they are very serious about trading up from No. 10 overall to draft him.

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Detroit has spent a lot of time doing homework on Watkins, including having members of the front office meet Watkins personally and speaking to Clemson officials.

That said, moving up far enough to secure him wouldn't be easy for Detroit.

Watkins could very well be the first wide receiver off the board in the first round of Thursday's 2014 NFL draft, possibly going as high as the second or third selection. That would force Detroit, who currently owns the 10th pick, to move up quite a few spots to be in contention to draft Watkins, and the price tag associated with such a move would not be cheap.

We've seen reports suggesting that the Houston Texans, owners of the first overall pick, have had talks with the Atlanta Falcons (No. 6 overall) about a deal similar to the one made by the Washington Redskins to acquire Robert Griffin III -- three first-rounders and a second-round pick -- so it seems likely moving from the tenth pick to second or third overall would cost a similarly high price.

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