By Bryan Rose
May 13, 2014

Richard Sherman calls out Patrick Peterson over contract The best corner in the game? Richard Sherman reasserted his dominance on social media Tuesday. (Rod Mar/SI)

It's been a few days since we've heard from Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman, apparently a few days too long for the Pro Bowl talent.

The former Stanford defender took to social media recently to call out Arizona Cardinals defensive back Patrick Peterson, who earlier in the week stated that he believed he was better than Sherman.

Currently in contractual talks with the Cardinals, Peterson stated he'd like to receive a contract bigger than the four-year, $57.4 million dollar deal signed by Sherman earlier this month.

"I’m definitely observant of what [Sherman] got. Obviously by him being the highest paid cornerback, the goal for the guys that come after him is to be higher than him. I believe he set the table pretty high, and me and my agent have some work to do."

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That of course didn't sit well with Sherman who blasted Peterson on Twitter, stating that he needed to put up the stats to receive such a deal.

Peterson, for what it's worth, either has chosen not to get into a war of words with Sherman or simply hasn't seen his Twitter post. What he did see however is the five year, $68 million dollar contract ($45 guaranteed) signed by Cleveland Browns defensive back Joe Haden on Tuesday afternoon that surpassed Sherman's deal. Peterson posted a simple though clear message on his own Twitter.

with a deal expected "soon

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