By Josh Sanchez
May 14, 2014

CFL fines Calgary Stampeders player for Michael Sam tweets Calgary Stampeders wideout Maurice Price said he couldn't "accept" the concept of an openly gay NFL player. (Todd Korol/Getty Images)

Following the St. Louis Rams' selection of former SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam, there was an overwhelming amount of public support for the NFL's first openly gay player.

Unfortunately, there were also those who spoke out against Sam and what he represented.

Don Jones of the Miami Dolphins was one player to be fined and suspended for his negative comments, but the controversy also went north of the border when CFL wide receiver Maurice Price of the Calgary Stampeders was fined for his comments about the Sam coverage.

“My faith won’t allow me to ACCEPT what took place over the weekend!” Price wrote on Twitter. “Sorry, NOT sorry! #AdamAndEve #NotAdamAndAdam."

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CFL commissioner Mark Cohon called the comments “repugnant” and released a statement making it clear the CFL does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Price later tweeted, “Highly disturbing & uncomfortable that under current constitution individuals have been FINED for verbalizing their thoughts. Of course my words get misconstrued. Wish Sam nothing but the best & hope he has a fantastic career. It’s nothing personal against HIM.”

“The CFL will not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” Cohon said in a statement, via the Calgary Herald. “Whether its race, religion or sexual preference, our values are of acceptance and equality.

“We fully support openly gay athletes in our league, and in the sports community in general.”

Price later deleted his tweets, but the damage was already done and the fine was handed down.

It is unfortunate that stories like this continue to surface, but let's just hope this is part of the learning process as everyone around the sports world begins to become more accepting.

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