By Bryan Rose
May 14, 2014

Cleveland Browns owner expects Josh Gordon to be with team for long timeJosh Gordon could receive an eight-game to 16-game suspension for the 2014 season. (David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

Just a few months ago, the Cleveland Browns were said to be weighing trade offers for talented, though oft-troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon.

The Browns didn't find a deal to their liking and decided to keep Gordon, except now he might miss the start of the regular season for a second straight year after again violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. Surprisingly, owner Jimmy Haslam is not throwing in the towel on Gordon. 

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Even if Gordon receives a year-long suspension, Haslam says the wideout still has a long future with the organization.

"Josh is learning and growing and improving as a person," Haslam said Monday of the team's All-Pro receiver, per The Plain Dealer. "He's learning how to work hard. He's learning how to be a professional. Josh is a smart young man. All of us have made mistakes when we were that age. We're counting on Josh being a good football player for the Browns for a long time to come."

There's not much else Haslam can say at this point, outside of completely blacklisting the wide receiver and moving on.

It's possible the Browns may simply be attempting to provide lip service in hopes that they can obtain some type of compensation for Gordon down the road.

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