By Bryan Rose
May 15, 2014

Houston Texans not likely to trade Andre Johnson before end of 2014Andre Johnson's contract could keep him in Houston through at least next season. (Skip Williams/Icon SMI)

On Monday, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson used some media availability during a charity event to vent his frustration with the team's 2013 campaign, questioning whether he wanted to remain with the franchise going forward.

Johnson's comments were a shock to many, given his generally reserved nature, but despite his apparent discontent it's unlikely that the veteran wideout will be traded or released, according to Pro Football Talk.

Given that the Texans had added no receivers via veteran free agency or the draft, it seems that they intend to keep Johnson. And since they know him well after 11 seasons with the team, they surely assume he’ll set aside his frustrations when the time comes to play.

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Even if the Texans wanted to move on from Johnson (and there's been no indication they do), they'd struggle to do so given the sizable cap hit incurred by any team who would add him. No team will spring to overpay for an expensive, veteran wide receiver, even one with Johnson's talent and production.

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