By Josh Sanchez
May 16, 2014

Carolina Panthers DE Greg Hardy turns over 10 guns to authorities after his arrest Defensive end Greg Hardy leaves the Mecklenburg County jail after being released on bond in Charlotte.  (AP Photo)

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested earlier this week and charged with domestic violence stemming from an incident with his girlfriend, 24-year-old Nicole Holder. Holder claimed Hardy threw her on a couch with 25-30 guns during their argument, which led Mecklenburg County District Judge Rebecca Thorne Tin to order that Hardy turn over his weapons.

On Friday, Hardy turned over 10 weapons to the authorities, including an assortment of shotguns and assault rifles.

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All of the weapons turned over to police are legal in North Carolina, since a gun owner in the state only needs a permit to purchase and conceal a weapon.

According to a document that was discovered by Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, the guns were a Tavor SAR, L1A1 Sporter, POF P-415, ISSC MK-22, SSAR SBS, ISSC MK-22, Highlander, Century Arms Inc. AK 149, Mossberg 590, and Benelli M-4.

Hardy is due in court on June 27.

His bond following the arrest was set at $15,000 for assault and $2,000 for threats.

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