By Bryan Rose
May 20, 2014

Chip Kelly using remote-control car to navigate offseason practice restrictionsEagles head coach Chip Kelly can direct offseason practices without violating the letter of the law in the CBA using a remote-control car. (Al Tielemans/SI)

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is known for his innovative offense, but it appears the playbook isn't the only place where Kelly likes to get creative.

Until Phase Two of the NFL offseason begins, coaches (both head and assistant) aren't allowed onto the field, nor can they give any verbal on-field commands. Coaching staffs must wait even longer to run drills pitting the offense against the defense. So how do you get by during those early stages when you want to have a player run a particular route or simulate motion on the line? A remote control car, of course.

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Attempting to skirt NFL rules, Kelly has been using a remote control vehicle around the Eagles' rookie minicamp to simulate pre-snap motion and also implemented it before the draft as a tool to help him meet his new players.

Philadelphia Magazine relays a story from seventh-round draft pick Beau Allen:

"I was sitting and waiting to go in and meet with (general manager Howie Roseman) and all the front office guys, and Coach Kelly was driving around a little remote control car – they use it out on the field because they can’t do motions — and he drove it right into me and was like, ‘Oh, hey Beau, how are you doing?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, Coach.’ "

As hilarious (and innovative) as Kelly's implementation of a remote control car is, you get the feeling the NFL won't be as amused. The restrictions on what coaches can and cannot do during offseason practices are detailed very closely in the current collective bargaining agreement, as a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story from last month shows.

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