By Josh Sanchez
May 20, 2014

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes playoff expansion would help his team The Dallas Cowboys have won a mere two playoff games since their 1996 Super Bowl win. (Gus Ruelas/AP)

The Dallas Cowboys have been unable to get over the 8-8 hump the last three seasons and have missed the playoffs each of those years, too, so owner Jerry Jones is looking for any possible way to get his team back in the postseason, where it can make a run at the Super Bowl and make him more money.

For Jones, there are two words that could help improve the team's changes of breaking back through to the postseason. And, no, those two words aren't "Johnny Football."

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Rather, they are "playoff expansion."

During an interview with NFL Media's Kimberly Jones, Jones was asked about his thoughts on playoff expansion with league meetings this week, and he responded by jokingly saying, that it "would help my Cowboys."

Unfortunately for Jones, the league owners have decided to table discussions on playoff expansion until the fall. The news came from none other than his son, Stephen Jones.

Even with playoff expansion, the Cowboys would have had some difficulty making the postseason in recent years. With the two added spots, the Cowboys still would have missed out on the postseason in each of the past four years.

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