By Jack Jorgensen
May 23, 2014

Former player Tony Boselli speaks out against lawsuits aimed at NFL player safety Tony Boselli spent the final year of his career in Houston after seven seasons with the Jaguars. (John Biever/SI)

If anyone knows the rigors of professional football, it's former Pro Bowl offensive tackle Tony Boselli. Drafted second overall out of USC by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995, Boselli played eight seasons in the league -- seven with Jacksonville and one with the Houston Texans -- before retiring in 2002.

On Thursday Boselli was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame, and he had a bit to say about the recent player safety lawsuits filed against the NFL by former players, the latest dealing with teams' alleged use of illegal narcotics as painkillers.

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Boselli told CBSSports Radio he doesn't see how it's logical to file suit against the league, given the fact that the players knew the risks that were involved while they were in their primes.

“My whole thing about the concussion (lawsuit) is I question some of the guys in it and why they were in it – because we do know the risks,” Boselli said. “I thought whatever money was gotten from that lawsuit should go to the guys who really need it – the guys who have dementia, the guys who have ALS.

“Listen, we play the game. We know it’s risky. If any of us who played (says), ‘Oh, I didn’t realize that my body was not going to be the same the rest of my life,’ then you’re lying to yourself and everyone else, in my opinion.”

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