By Bryan Rose
June 02, 2014

Johnny Manziel vacation to Las Vegas worth millions in publicity Johnny Manziel said he's able to balance studying the playbook and enjoying his celebrity. (Rich Kane/Icon SMI)

Over the Memorial Day holiday, Johnny Manziel decided to take a break from the busy life of a rookie NFL quarterback and hit up Sin City with some of his good friends.

The partying ways of Manziel seemed to irritate a few who questioned Manziel's commitment to football.

Irritated by the backlash, the former Texas A&M star posted a photo of his Cleveland Browns playbook, asking  if it was impossible to have a good time and be responsible at the same time.

Regardless, Manziel wasn't irritated enough to end his trip to Las Vegas early, which likely made the city's tourism board rather happy considering the quarterback's three-day vacation was reportedly worth millions of dollars in publicity.

“It was great for Vegas. Look at how much media surrounded him since he came to town. He’s been all over ESPN and social media for three days. He’s definitely famous, more famous than I thought,” a top club executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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He added, “It was like when Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods came to town. It meant something. People love a showman. People love to follow that kind of guy. He’s Johnny Football -- and he’s a nice guy.”

The unnamed executive says Manziel, after introducing himself, grabbed the exec's phone and put his number into the contact list, a sign that he's sure to return, says the exec.

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