By Bryan Rose
June 11, 2014

Buffalo Bills hoping to sell beer earlier at Ralph Wilson Stadium The Bills cannot currently begin selling beer until noon. (David Duprey/AP)

Beer sales at professional sporting events are highly regulated, even more so at NFL games.

Most, if not all teams have a particular window in which they can sell alcohol, but the Buffalo Bills are aiming to change that.

Currently only able to sell beer (or alcohol) an hour prior to a home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Bills have proposed a change to the office of Assemblyman Sean Ryan which would allow them to open sales an hour earlier.

"The new law would allow the Bills to sell beer starting at 11 a.m for a 1 p.m. [ET] home game," says WGRZ. "Under current law, the team cannot begin selling beer until noon."

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The Bills have suggested the move would allow them to have a more controlled environment for alcohol consumption, getting tailgaters out of the parking lot and into the stadium.

According to WGRZ, Ryan's office has already introduced the bill and is currently waiting for a sponsor in the senate.

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