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Bears and Ravens In-Game Blog

Live highlights and scoring with analysis from Soldier Field with Gene Chamberlain of BearDigest and FanNation as the Bears try to end a four-game losing streak.

Fourth Quarter

Ravens 16, Bears 13 Final

Dalton sacked before he can throw the Hail Mary.

  • Incomplete on first down to Mooney 25 yards downfield and then over the middle incomplete to Mooney. Officials say it wasn't an incomplete pass but a fumble. A review was about 2 seconds and told them it was incomplete. A first-down completion to the Bears 48 to Goodwin sets up a Hail Mary with four seconds left.
  • It was a 30-yard pass to the 3 officially. Twenty-five seconds left. Devonta Freeman steps into the end zone for the touchdown with 22 seconds left.  It looks like another Baltimore fourth-quarter comeback
  • Ravens flagged for holding on the third down. Now it's third-and-13 at the  32 with 33 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Huntley hits Watkins wide open at the Bears 4.
  • Huntley scrambles for 2 and clock runs. Then he hits Freeman for 5 and throws incomplete on third down. 
  • Huntley hits Duvernay along the sideline at the Bears 30. 
  • Vildor pass interference at the Ravens 49.
  • Now you worry that losing Duke Shelley will have an impact in the last 1 1/2 minutes.
  • The two-point pass goes wide of Mooney. Bears 13, Ravens 9
  • Bears take another shot and this time it pays off. Marquise Goodwin with a 49-yard touchdown catch. Got behind the defense, completely fooled. Bears lead with 1:41 remaining and Ravens have two timeouts left. Then Bears have to take another timeout trying to figure out they should be going for a two-point conversion with a four-point lead. Wow. More coaching unpreparedness.
  • Jason Peters jumps out of his stance for a false start. Fourth-and-11. Coming out of a timeout, the Bears once again get a presnap penalty. Bad coaching, bad offense.
  • This is the kind of play where Fields' mobility really pays off. But now they need to come up with something.
  • On fourth-and-6 Bears must use a timeout. The bench thinks it's a catch but he didn't hang on after he hit the ground. 
  • Dalton tries a sprint pass right and Mooney reaches up but can't make the one-hand catch. 
  • On second-and-6 from the Ravens 44, Bears take a shot and Dalton throws incomplete over Byrd at the 5-yard line. He was behind the defender but the ball was about 3 yards too far.
  • They go back to Mooney for 4 on the other sideline. 2-Minute Warning !!!!!!!
  • Mooney with the first down catch to the Ravens 48, backpedaling but he has it.
  • Duke Shelley was hurt on punt coverage. He has a hamstring injury and is out for the game.
  • Goodwin overthrown on second down and on third-and-10 Dalton hits Montgomery for an 9-yard gain. Bears face fourth-and-2 and have to go for it. They hand off and Montgomery gets it but officials step in and say Ravens called timeout.
  • What a time for Cole Kmet's first catch, a 12-yarder. Then an incompletion to Mooney underthrown.
  • First down from the 25, Dalton's pass is knocked down. Bears have 3 1/2 minutes left.
  • Freeman loses 2 on tackle by Trevis Gipson. Third-and-5 and they just run it to try to get Tucker a closer kick. With just under 4 minutes left. A 46-yard field goal. Seven plays, 17 yards, 3:48. Ravens 9, Bears 7
  • Freeman for 6 off right tackle to the Bears 34.
  • Now the Ravens are working the clock like a team with the lead because when you are down 1 and 35 yards away with Justin Tucker as kicker you are leading.
  • Murray gets the first down on a run up the middle.
  • Murray surges forward for 2 and it's third-and-1 with 6:47 remaining at the Bears 37.
  • Right back in field goal range. A pass of 7 yards to Freeman.
  • Punt is deflected by Jaylon Ferguson and Ravens get it at the Bears 46 after a 28-yard punt. Duke Shelley injured on the play away from the ball.
  • Dalton to Mooney on the play they ran when Fields overthrew Mooney and Dalton also overthrew him. Bears punting with 7:40 reamaining.
  • Damiere Byrd with a 3-yard catch on second down. Third-and-7 at their own 17.
  • Khalil Herbert in for Montgomery and gets a half-yard off right tackle.
  • Matt Nagy owes Tashaun Gipson. The interception breaks a stretch of 168 straight passes without a Bears interception being made.
  • Interception by Tashaun Gipson and the Ravens held on the play anyway. Gipson along the sideline stepped up at a critical time taking the ball from Mark Andrews. Bears at their own 14. First interception since Week 5.
  • Smith and Ogletree stop Freeman for no gain on first down. 9 1/2 minutes remaining.
  • Ravens get a first-down run from Freeman to the 22.
  • Huntley finds Andrews down the sideline on a screen for 12 to the Bears 33. They are easily in Tucker's field goal range.
  • Ravens at the 49 of the Bears. Freeman gets 4 off left tackle
  • Attendance 60,679
  • Could that dumb fourth-down call be the one that gets Nagy run out of Chicago? Their defense is dominating. They could have easily punted and played defense. Let Baltimore have it at its own 20 or 15 again. The wild cat is ever a worse decision. There's no threat of the pass. The Ravens were all ganging up at the line of scrimmage.
  • After the timeout he sends the offense back out, Montgomery gets stuffed out of the wildcat. Ravens ball.
  • Bears facing fourth-and-1 at the 49 after long incompletion to Mooney. They send the punt team out with 12:30 to go, but take a timeout?
  • Fields ruled out for the rest of the game. 
  • Robert Quinn's third sack of the game and the Ravens punt.

Third Quarter

A sack and penalty as the quarter ends, sack by Trevis Gipson.

  • Freeman gets 3 up the middle.
  • Andrews stretches for 4 yards and the first down. May not have gotten it.
  • Andrews with a short completion but the Bears are flagged for too many men on the field. Second-and-13 at the 11. Then Huntley gets it to Duvernay underneath for 9 yards.
  • Pass rush barrels in and Goldman gets the sack back at the 6 for 8-yard loss. 
  • O'Donnell punts it dead at the 14.
  • Dalton gets it to Marquise Goodwin over the middle for 10 but they go no-huddle and on third down no one is home. Ball goes out of bounds with Goodwin running upfield and Dalton thinking it was a shorter pass.
  • After an incompletion Bears flagged for false start by Larry Borom.
  • Montgomery breaks off right tackle for 11 and a first down at the 31.
  • Blitzed Dalton up the middle and he threw incomplete. They won't have fear about blitzing him because he's not running anywhere. Sam Mustipher and Co. need to pick it up.
  • Neither of Dalton's completions were deep throws or even designed to go for big gains but the Bears got YAC after both, which has been rare for them all season.
  • Dalton had more yardage on two passes than Fields had for the full game. 
  • On third down Nick Boyle wide open in the flat and overthrown by Huntley. Ravens punt.
  • Freeman cuts off right tackle for 3 more. Ravens in third-and-4 situation. Solid game so far by Alec Ogletree and Christian Jones freeing up Smith to make tackles. 
  • Huntley throws over the middle for 3 and Smith is there for the tackle.
  • Deon Bush makes his return after a four-week injury absence and gets a tackle on kick coverage at the 21.
  • Fields has a rib injury, questionable return. Fields had been taking some real shots after delivering passes and on scrambles. 
  • Dalton finds Kmet immediately for 23 yards and then a screen to Mooney. Mooney breaks it for a 60-yard touchdown. Beautiful move by Mooney to cut between two tacklers with 8:02 left in the quarter. Extra point good. It took Dalton two plays and 44 seconds to go 83 yards. Bears 7, Ravens 6
  • No word on the injury yet but Fields took some big hits.
  • A 35-yard punt to the 17 and Dalton is in. 
  • Incomplete on second down and Ravens face third-and-12. Huntley flushed out and throws incomplete. Fields hasn't come back from the locker room so it looks like Andy Dalton time.
  • Fields has gone to the locker room. 
  • Overthrow on cover-2 beater for an incompletion and the officials throw a very very late flag on the Bears for pass interference against Kindle Vildor. Ball couldn't even have been caught.
  • Murray stopped by Khyiris Tonga for a 1-yard gain. Second-and-9 for Ravens and he throws short. Third-and-9. 
  • Huntley effective with those short throws off three steps to the outside, hits Watkins for 8. He's done that about four or five times now. Murray then barrels 8 yards up the middle for the first down.  Eddie Goldman injured on the play.
  • Campbell has a foot injury for the Ravens and return is questionable.
  • Ravens starting on their 15.
  • Fields has to scramble, gets stopped at the 50 after 6 yards and the Bears will punt.
  • Kmet can't get his hand up in time for a pass from Fields over the middle. Now it's third-and-11.
  • Montgomery loses a yard up the middle. The Bears should forget this running now. This is the league's worst pass defense and fourth-best run defense.
  • On third-and-11, Mooney hangs onto this one and takes a big hit for a first down on a 22-yard gain. Calais Campbell hurt on the play and walks off. Bears at the 46. 
  • Fields sacked for a 1-yard loss. He waited to take off a second too long again and the Ravens were able to get linemen over to stop him as he started to scramble.
  • Montgomery gets the penalty yardage back on a run up the middle.
  • False start on first play by Cole Kmet.
  • It was predicted here that the Bears would have trouble making up for the loss of Allen Robinson in the passing game, but this is ridiculous.

Second Quarter

  • Half ends with 57 yards for Bears passing, 69 rushing. Montgomery has nine rushes for 41 yards. Fields: 3 of 9, 57 yards. Good thing they did all that self-scouting during the bye week.
  • DHC bats down throw to Andrews at the 2 with five seconds left and Tucker comes on to kick a 27-yard field goal with two seconds left in the half. The Bears would have been better off to let him catch it and tackle him at the 1 or 2. Clock would have run out. Ravens 6, Bears 0
  • Bateman catches a 15-yarder out of bounds to the Bears 20, the Andrews makes a 2-yard catch. Ravens use next-to-last timeout at the Bears 18. A completion to the 9 to Freeman and Ravens use last timeout.  First-and-goal.
  • Huntley's option run results in a 8-yard gain
  • It's fourth-and-1 at the Bears 43 and Ravens going for it. They need about a foot. There are 42 seconds left and Ravens have two timeouts.
  • Nothing we've seen today in the first two quarters supports the notion this coaching staff deserves to be here another season. 
  • On third-and-10 they set up a short toss to Duvernay with blockers and it goes for 9.
  • Huntley overthew wide-open Duvernay on first down on a quick pass. Now 51 seconds left. Then he steps up and underthows Bateman.
  • Pass breakup by Jaylon Johnson on throw to Watkins. But on second down he finds Bateman over the middle for a first down at the 48 of Baltimore.
  • Fields overthrew Mooney once deep and Mooney has dropped two passes. He still has only the 29-yard catch on the ball Fields threw on the run.
  • O'Donnell punts with 1:17 left in half and kicks one way too low, returned 12 yards to the 36.  Now Ravens with a good shot. Have 1:07 left and all three timeouts.
  • Fields waits with the ball far too long and gets sacked, but the Ravens were detected holding in the secondary. Bears at the 32. Montgomery runs for 4 on first down, then Mooney drops a ball he probably should have caught. Thrown to his left a little but was there. Mooney then drops a first down on a throw over the middle.
  • Fields overthrows Goodwin slanting in and he wasn't open anyway. 
  • The 57 yards passing against Baltimore is a total disappointment. The Ravens are last against the pass.
  • The Bears have a nice turnaround going here if they can put a 2-minute drive together. They get the ball to start the second half.

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  • Justin Fields runs OB around left end for 6 yards. 2-MINUTE WARNING!!!!!
  • Bears go to Justin Herbert on kick return and he has a 17-yard return to the 21.
  • Huntley goes around left end and comes up short. They'll go to the game's GOAT kicker. Justin Tucker from 35 yards. Ravens 3, Bears 0
  • Bateman catches a 2-yarder on three-step drop and then Murray a 4-yarder over the middle. Ravens face third-and-4 at 20
  • Huntley fakes like he' running right, then pulls up and finds Andrews for 11 over the middle. Looked like a halfback option without the option. Now at Bears 25.
  • Freeman tackled for no gain on first down. Then Huntley with a beautiful throw under pressure from Marsh to Andrews for 11 at Bears 36.
  • Pass rush has Huntley and he bails out left against the blitz by DHC. Gets 19 yards to the Bears 47.
  • Huntley a QB run for 2 off left tackle. Then Huntley throws in the flat for Devin Duvernay and Smith slams him to the turf in the open field for a 2-yard loss.
  • This is a defensive struggle. Bears need their defense to contribute a turnover. A third wasted Bears opportunity. 
  • Montgomery off right tackle slanting to the right sticks with the blocking flow for 5. On second down Fields is sacked and fumbles forward. It is recovered by Calais Campbell at the 34 of Baltimore. OLB Tyus Bowser with the sack. Fields' ninth fumble.
  • Fields hangs in against blitz and finds Goodwin for a 22-yard gain.
  • Getting Montgomery back involved on a bolt up the middle for 10. Then a cutback run up the middle for 7.
  • Nagy could have had the Ravens facing third-and-18 and their own 48 but gave them the chance to gamble on a fourth-and-5. John Harbaugh wouldn't take the gamble. But he was at the Bears 39. Is that John or Jim Harbaugh?
  • Ravens move before the completion to Mark Andrews and the Bears decline the penalty in a weird decision by Nagy. Fourth-and-5 at Bears 39. Ravens line up to go for it. Not a good decision by Nagy. Followed even dumber decision by Ravens to try to draw them offsides and then punt. The Ravens should have gone for the first down from the Bears 39. Wow. Punt goes into the end zone. Bears at the 20.
  • Great call by Sean Desai with a cornerback blitz by Kindle Vildor for a sack and loss of 7. Third down at Bears 48.
  • More running straight at the Bears defense by Murray and it gets 4 more. The Bears need to get him in the backfield to keep him from getting momentum.
  • Murray finds a huge hole over right guard and gets the first down at Bears 44. 
  • Swing wide to Andrews gains 9 at Bears 49.
  • Toss into the flat for Freeman goes for 5 as Cheese Jones can't catch up to him.

First Quarter

  • Ravens facing a third-and-3 after a 3-yard run. Quarter ends.
  • Freeman back for Ravens goes wide for 4 . That's best way to attack Quinn. He's not a run stuffer.
  • So far wasted opportunities for the Bears. Missed field goal and Fields missed the easy deep ball to Mooney.
  • Fields kicks Cody Whitehair's butt on the scoreboard name game, naming eight types of cereal. Whitehair was struggling. Not a cereal guy.
  • Ravens ball at their own 31 with :57 left in first quarter.
  • Timing was off on a throw to Goodwin. Bears really missed A-Rob on that drive.  They'll punt after three-and-out.
  • Fields takes zone read left for 3. Took a dive to get it. On second down he had Mooney running wide open for at least 50 or 60 yards and overthrew him. Might have been a TD.
  • Mike Singletary in the house today, introduced to fans. Former Ravens assistant besides Bears legend. Coached Ray Lewis in Baltimore as position coach.
  • Bears to start at their 20.
  • Strip-sack by Quinn as he runs down Huntley and knocks ball away out of bounds. Ravens to punt.
  • Cassius Marsh with a nice tackle for a 1-yard gain sets up third-and-5.
  • Latavius Murray in and gets 4 on first carry. He bludgeoned the Bears in 2019 for the Saints.
  • TE Mark Andrews gets wide open against Duke Shelley and gets a 16-yard pass on third-and-12.
  • Huntley finds Freeman at the sidelines and Roquan Smith tackles him OB for a 1-yard gain. Good reaction by Jaylon Johnson to slow him first in the backfield. Then Roquan Smith with a tackle for 3-yard loss on second down.
  • Ravens ball with 5:59 left in the quarter at their own 30.
  • The play call was absolutely atrocious. That was the kind of play they'd run when Walter Payton started and Jack Pardee was coach.  You can't get Nagy to call running plays, then they run on third-and-5.
  • A really dumb play call by the Bears. Third-and-5 toss play right. Loses yardage and Santos must kick a 40-yard field goal. Wide to the left. Santos has missed two straight.
  • David Montgomery puts his tackle breaking on display and spins out of a tackle for 5 up the middle. The Bears face third-and-5.
  • Bears from Ravens 21 and Fields wisely throws it away with no one open and rush closing in. Ravens did a good job hemming him in with rush.
  • Wildcat run by Montgomery for 2. Grant toss on the end around left and gains 11.
  • Another example of Fields' brilliance throwing on the run. A running pass to Darnell Mooney OB for 29 yards.
  • Fields gains 8 running around left end OB. Took a shot from Marlon Humphrey. Fields completes short pass to Jakeem Grant for first down, then David Montgomery barreling hard straight ahead for 9 to the 38.
  • Honestly, if Jackson is at quarterback on the sack and on the RPO play, those might break for big gains because there was plenty of room. But Huntley isn't Jackson. Bears start at their 14. The incomplete screen pass was the key on that drive. Baltimore couldn't have set it up better but the ball got there a half second too soon.
  • Quinn with the sack on third down and Ravens punt. He has 7 1/2 sacks this year.
  • The Ravens set up a perfect screen. One tackler and three blockers but Huntley's pass comes too soon and it's incomplete.
  • Robert Quinn comes off edge and nails Freeman for a yard loss. 
  • Sammy Watkins with a first-down catch at Bears 48. An 11-yard gain.
  • Alec Ogletree sticks Huntley for 1-yard gain on zone read run.
  • Huge holes in the Bears defensive front for Devonta Freeman runs and he gets a first down on two carries.
  • Santos kicks OB in the end zone. He doesn't want to be tackling anyway. He has an injured elbow.
  • Bears won toss and defer.
  • Fly-over during the anthem with helicopters. Definitely something different here.


Longest Bears Losing Streaks

8 Games

Nov. 27, 2014-Sept. 27, 2015 Marc Trestman, John Fox

Sept. 22, 2002-Nov. 18, 2002 Dick Jauron

Dec. 22, 1996-Oct. 12, 1997 Dave Wannstedt

Sept. 25, 1978-Nov. 12, 1978 Neill Armstrong

Dec. 15, 1968-Nov. 2, 1969 Jim Dooley

6 Games

Oct. 26, 2020-Dec. 6, 2020 Matt Nagy

Dec 11, 2016-Sept. 17, 2017 Fox

Dec. 26, 1999-Sept. 24, 2000 Jauron

Nov. 8, 1998-Dec. 13, 1998 Wannstedt

Nov. 2, 1992-Dec. 7, 1992 Mike Ditka

Nov. 19, 1989-Dec. 24, 1989 Ditka

Nov. 12, 1973-Dec. 16, 1973 Abe Gibron

Nov. 21, 1971-Sept. 17, 1972 Gibron

Nov. 16, 1969-Dec. 21, 1969 Dooley

  • The Bears have gone from a six-point underdog now to 1 1/2 points after Jackson's situation, as per Sports Illustrated sports book. The over/under has dropped from 44 1/2 earlier in the week to 40 1/2.
  • Since Lamar Jackson became the Baltimore starting quarterback, he has missed two starts. One was the 2019 regular-season finale when RG III started for the Ravens and they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-10. The other was last year when RG III and Trace McSorley played and they lost 19-14 to Pittsburgh.
  • Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley will start against the Bears. His last action was in Week 7 when he was 5 of 11 for 39 yards against Cincinnati in the Ravens' 41-17 defeat. He also played last year in the playoffs against Buffalo in a 17-3 loss, going 6 of 13 for 60 yards. Huntley did have an outstanding preseason, for what it's worth. He was 60 for 83 (72.3%) for four touchdowns and an interception. But he averaged just 6.6 yards per attempt. He had a 101 passer rating.
  • The onus is really on defensive coordinator Sean Desai to come up with a way to beat a second-year player with no starting experience without Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Eddie Jackson and Danny Trevathan playing. Look for the Bears to mix it up and disguise as much as possible to try and fool Huntley, a former Utah QB who is very mobile. He ran for 1,146 yards in four seasons at Utah, although he's not Lamar Jackson-mobile. It helps that Marquise Brown is also out, but Rashod Bateman has been coming on strong at receiver and Huntley will look to him as well as rely on running backs Latavius Murray and Devonta Freeman.



WR Marquise Brown

QB Lamar Jackson

CB Jimmy Smith

CB Anthony Averett

T Cedric Ogbuehl

WR Miles Boykin

DT Brandon Williams


S Eddie Jackson

RB Damien Williams

QB Nick Foles

WR Allen Robinson

CB Artie Burns

TE Jesper Horsted

DE Akiem Hicks

  • QB Lamar Jackson will miss the game for Baltimore due to illness says Ian Rapoport. Jackson was loosening up in pregame but will not play and Tyler Huntley will start.
  • The bad part about this virus going around through the Ravens is the Bears will no doubt have it going around now after this game and they have to play again in four days.
  • Weather report from Soldier Field: It was damp but the sun is finding its way through clouds and it's actually going to wind up being a decent day to play.
  • The Ravens could be down key players just like the Bears. WR Marquise Brown is out for the game and a decision will be made on QB Lamar Jackson 90 minutes prior to kickoff after the illness he has suffered from for four days has continued to be a problem. It is not related to COVID-19.  Jackson is at Soldier Field so he will at least be in attendance. More word when in
  • Backup quarterback Tyler Huntley has thrown 16 passes in his career with eight completions for three first downs. He went undrafted out of Utah in 2020 and was signed by the Ravens.

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