Pro Football Focus fumbles the ball on poor overall Roquan Smith assessment

Gene Chamberlain

The people at Pro Football Focus once again have shown their system is flawed, or completely without merit. Remember, these are the people who thought Adrian Amos was one of the best safeties in the NFL last year. While Amos was greatly improved, one of the best is a complete reach. They are now classifying Roquan Smith as a first-round disappointment. He essentially didn't play the first two games, just a few snaps. He missed training camp. But he has already put up three more tackles than Danny Trevathan did all last season, when he led the team in tackles on a top-10 defense. If Smith is a disappointment, I guess the expectations were that he should walk on water or turn water into wine. He did have more bad plays in the last game than in all but one or two other games, but when it comes to that, he'll just be one of the Bears standing in a line. They were all making them. Smith generally needs to show more discipline, but he's around the ball, hitting with an impact and playing his position more effectively than anyone else has since Vic Fangio came to Chicago.

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This Irish or Scottish guy who runs this website I heard him on the radio I think he needs to go back to soccer or firefighting or drinking or whatever they do over there where he is from cause pro football out of focus man

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