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The Best Thing To Happen to the Bears

A trade by the 49ers to get into the top three of the draft keeps Ryan Pace out and ensures no one is throwing away the future

Realistic Bears fans everywhere can give a sigh of relief.

The bait is off the hook.

Ryan Pace has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt he is prone to blindly moving up for a quarterback in Round 1 by surrendering a cache of draft picks. Mitchell Trubisky will dog him forever.

The trade by the San Francisco 49ers and then one subsquently made by the Eagles with Miami have turned around the top of Round 1 and made it all but impossible for the Bears to get into position for one of the top four quarterbacks—if it already wasn't, anyway. 

And it was. 

The 49ers proved it. They gave up three first-round picks, the first one eight spots better than the Bears have, and a third-rounder and only moved up from No. 12 to 3.

The Bears were going to move up from eight spots in back of that and get one of those quarterbacks, as the social media fanatics would have you believe? 

Don't mind me. I'll stop laughing next week. 

The cost of moving up now would be more than even Pace would ever want to surrender, so rest at ease. He will simply do now what he should have been doing all along. He should just use his picks or, even better yet, trade down.

Pace shouldn't sit and wait for Mac Jones to fall his way. It's not happening, anyway. He could get pretty much the same thing as Jones with Davis Mills in Round 2. He could take Christian Darrisaw at No. 20 because the tackle position is a tough one to gauge and the first-round tackles usually work out, unless you're the Bears. The Bears usually pick one in Round 1 and he has a back condition.

Since the Bears botched up the Kyle Fuller situation and let him leave, they should be moving to acquire more picks on the first two days to fill holes. They need to come up with four picks in the first two days to fill four real needs.

They need to trade back. 

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GM Ryan Pace even addressed the possibility of trades on draft day before free agency.

"That depends on what’s presented to us. It could go a number of different ways. It doesn’t necessarily mean–if we go into this draft for example, there’s a lot of evaluation that needs to take place. 

"Trading up might not be the best option. It could be staying put. It could be going back. I think it just depends on the different targets that are there, the different options that are there."

They need four things, and they don't have a fourth-round pick. They have one in each of the first three rounds so they need to get one. The Day 3 pickings at those four need positions become very thin.

The difference between Jones and Mills is not that great. They could move down in Round 1, possibly even to right at the top of Round 2, and come up with a good quarterback but then have three picks more for the first two days.

Cornerbacks and wide receivers are plentiful the first two days, practically falling out of trees. Fan Nation's NFL Draft Bible sees eight tackles who should go in the first three rounds.

There could even be slot receivers with great speed later, like D'Wayne Eskridge of Western Michigan.

The best thing that ever happened to the Bears in this draft is the wall the 49ers and John Lynch put up to keep Ryan Pace out, if he was even thinking of going there.

The Bears have needs and it goes beyond just quarterback. It's time to deal with all of them, not just quarterback.

Besides all of this, there is another positive side to a deal leaving the Bears back in the pack, holding onto their picks and looking jealously at the teams taking the top four quarterbacks.

With all their picks, with plenty of trade options and with Russell Wilson's contract still not restructured, the possibility of a deal for the Bears to get the quarterback they really want remains possible.

It also keeps open one other door, which we'll talk about in the future but not in this analysis.

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