Gene Chamberlain

A breakdown of how the Bears don't use enough "12 personnel" on offense. It's a good point, but the only objections I have is the use of that term. It's just two tight ends. Someone could get technical and point out it's two tight ends with two wide receivers and a running back, but no one is running a regular offense with a fullback and one wide receiver and a running back. And they're not doing it with three wide receivers unless one of their wide receivers is hurt. It's two tight ends. Let's limit the garbage jargon. The Bears can't use two tight ends because they don't have two tight ends. They have Adam Shaheen and they have Trey Burton at less than 100 percent. The interesting thing though is JP Holtz might be able to fight his way into this. He isn't really the classic Y tight end size, like Shaheen, but Shaheen has size and it isn't doing a lot of good. They should try to play Holtz at the Y some.