Aaron Rodgers a Bear? It's a Laughing Matter ... for Him

Gene Chamberlain

How would Aaron Rodgers look wearing a Bears uniform after spending the bulk of his career antagonizing them?

The Ringer's Kyle Brandt put this question to the Packers quarterback at the end of a 10-question interview for The Ringer and got as much laughter from Rodgers as he did an answer.

Brandt had quizzed Rodgers on the entire Jordan Love situation and got Rodgers to admit he figured his days are numbered in Green Bay and he understood what the Packers were doing.  

This is the interview when Rodgers said he turned to a bottle of "sipping tequila" to deal with it. 

Then he asked if Rodgers is alone late at night with his thoughts and pictured himself with another team, how did he look in a Bears uniform?

After much laughter, Rodgers said: "Oh man, that's a tough thought right there, man."

At least Rodgers didn't reject the idea.

Mitchell Trubisky's contract expires after this season. Nick Foles has a deal which carries $7 million in cap savings if he's cut just before 2022.

Cutting Rodgers before the 2022 season would bring the Packers $22.648 million in cap savings.

Whether Rodgers would still be worth signing at age 38 for the 2022 season, or would even want to play then is the question the Bears would have to answer for themselves.

Rodgers recently said he felt, "...at the same time I still believe in myself and I have a strong desire to play into my 40s."

It could leave the next team three or four more years or even more if he's able to stay in shape and do this.

No one could blame the Bears for pursuing it considering he has a 19-5 career record against them.

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