Allen Robinson's agent hasn't spoken with the Bears about a new contract yet, although the Bears wide receiver says he's open to hearing from the team at some point.

This contract situation sat in the background most of the season for Robinson after a minor blow-up in late September over the lack of progress, and now he's facing the possibility of being given the franchise tag sometime between Feb. 23 and March 9.

"I would say it's an open line of communication," Robinson told former Bears quarterback Jim Miller Thursday on Sirius radio. "Again, I mean we haven't spoke to them for some time now but it definitely still is an open line of communication."

Robinson didn't comment on the possibility of a tag in the short interview and wouldn't after the season ended, only saying, "Again, I think everybody knows a little bit on how I feel about that, but I'm not going to really get into that right now."

At the team's postseason press conference, Bears GM Ryan Pace wouldn't rule out this possibility.

"In regards to the franchise tag, I would just say everything's on the table," Pace said. "The league gives us tools for a reason. But right now, we're just going to keep all those talks internal out of respect to Allen, out of respect to his agent. I think those are best just handled in a private manner."

The franchise tag for 2021 is projected by to be $16,430,000 for wide receivers, which is far below what Robinson's market value is estimated to be. has fixed Robinson's market value at $20 million a year.

The Bears haven't used tags a great deal but did franchise wide receiver Alshon Jeffery in 2016.

Robinson seemed to smooth out any possible lingering feelings from when he had been angered during the season to the point of pulling down photos or references to the Bears from his social media pages.

"Like I've said, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the franchise and for the organization," Robinson said in the interview. "I think things get twisted with players when you start talking about frustration and things like that rather than just a player trying to figure out what's best for themselves and for their career at a specific time.

"So again, it's never been too much frustration, again, it's a business."

Robinson was asked in the interview about whether he'd ever be willing to return to Jacksonville to play. He played with the Jaguars his first four seasons before coming to the Bears in free agency in 2018. Robinson has never played with any of the game's better passers and the Jaguars are expected to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in the draft.

"Again, at this point I pretty much would be open to everything," Robinson said. "Everything is on the table. I think as far as everything, I'm not 100 percent sure what will happen in the next coming weeks as far as being a free agent and things like that but as everything stands today I definitely will be open to everything on the table."

The overall tone of Robinson's comments about the situation seemed more positive than when the season ended.

At the time, he sounded a bit tougher on the Bears.

"Again, I mean it's nothing to take personal in general," he said then. "At the same time, I do have a great fondness for this city and for the organization. But, unfortunately in a situation like this, this isn't the only thing that matters.

"But again like I said since Day 1, I have a ton of respect for the organization from the McCaskey family, from the Payton family, our front office, our coaching staff, everybody. I think everybody knows. Like I said before you sometimes in things like this there are more things that weigh out than just fondness."

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