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Andy Dalton Could Have a Busy Thanksgiving

The Bears are mum on whether Justin Fields' rib injury will require him to miss a game, so veteran Andy Dalton will need to be ready to play after leading the team back in Sunday's 16-13 loss.

The Bears are not making it clear when Justin Fields suffered the rib injury that led to him leaving in the third quarter of Sunday's 16-13 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

It's even less clear whether he'll be playing Thursday in the Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit, but considering it's a rib injury and the pain involved with those, he'd need a really remarkable recovery to be on the field after a largely disappointing effort in Sunday's loss.

Bears coach Matt Nagy said he wasn't sure the extent of the rib injury.

"Again I have to see exactly what type of injury he has, because it is his ribs, so we've got to see, OK, how much effect does that have for him. So we'll get

into all that and it's not where we're at right now," Nagy said.

As Nagy was not revealing anything about the injury, he also was in no mood to the game of who the quarterback will be in the future if Fields is healthy, mainly because Fields has already been named starter and there is no real question about this.

"Again, I'm not getting into any of that," Nagy said. "Justin has played his tail off and he's played really well. All the stuff about Justin has done everything we've asked him to do to be able to grow as a quarterback. He got hurt. So he's done everything to be the starter, continue to be the starter and he's done everything to be the guy and continue to work hard where he's at and there's a lot of,

you know, we've just got to see where Justin is at.

"When you are talking about ribs, you've got to find out how much it affects them. So you know, we as a staff have to talk through all that."

Fields had gone 4 of 11 for 79 yards before the injury occurred. He lost a fumble on a sack with the Bears driving just before halftime.

Dalton finished 11 of 23 for 201 yards and two touchdowns, one a 60-yard wide-receiver screen to Darnell Mooney for a 7-6 Bears lead, and then threw the fourth-and-11 bomb to Marquise Goodwin against an all-out blitz for the 49-yard touchdown to give the Bears a 13-9 lead at the time, before the defense failed to protect it.

So I want to compliment Andy Dalton for being able to come into this game in this environment and right away have two plays and get going with that and in the end, with crucial situational football, for him to make plays the way he did, I think shows who he is as a quarterback and who

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he is as a person, and for the offensive guys to battle there in the end, he gave us a chance to win," Nagy said.

Dalton said it helped he was familiar with the Ravens defense after years of facing them in the AFC North when he played for Cincinnati.

"Yeah, I mean, you're thinking about all the different scenarios. OK," Dalton said. "Where you are. Down and distance. What’s gonna be called. What they could present you. Yeah I think experience plays into all that.

"You're not just thinking about the play that's happening. And so I mean to end that drive the way we did, making a play when we needed to was big."

It was a similar play to a third-and-1 shot they took earlier in the fourth quarter right before Nagy decided on a fourth-and-1 gamble with a wildcat run at midfield that was stuffed. The throw went long on that one.

"We knew they wanted to put a bunch of guys in the box, play Cover 0, we have a one-on-one chance, and we were close," Daltpon said. "Wish I would have left the ball a little bit farther in the field of play, and could have made that one.

"That one could have changed it. That's one you wish you would have had back."

In the end, Dalton did change things by getting the Bears the lead back.

Now it's possible he'll be playing Thursday and using his experience from a quick Thursday turnaround last year with Dallas on Thanksgiving.

"Everybody gets a Thursday game," Dalton said. "Everybody has to have the quick turnaround. That’s the big message for this team. You can’t let this game affect Thursday.

"So we have to move forward."

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