GAMEDAY Open Thread/Live Blog: Bears vs. Lions | Week 10

Gene Chamberlain

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is out due to a back/hip injury that bothered him throughout the week but worsened. He had a streak of 136 straight starts and is being replaced by Jeff Driskel, who was 1-4 in five starts with the Cincinnati Bengals last year.

Driskel completed 59.7 percent and had a passer rating of 82.2. Driskel wasn't with the Lions when this season began and signed Sept. 17. David Blough is the Lions backup QB today.

For the Bears, in a surprise move, tight end Adam Shaheen is inactive. Last week the 2017 second-round draft pick fumbled away their last shot in the final minute on a pooch kick, and hasn't been a factor in the passing game. Cody Whitehair is playing center and James Daniels left guard for the Bears today, as anticipated.

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DB Duke Shelley

LB Josh Woods

TE Adam Shaheen

DE Abdullah Anderson

G Alex Bars

LB Isaiah Irving

WR Riley Ridley


QB Matthew Stafford

S Tracy Walker

S Miles Killebrew

CB Michael Jackson

G Beau Benzschawel

DL Da'Shawn Hand

DE Romeo Okwara

Coin flip - Bears defer and kick off

First Quarter

15:00: Ty Johnson gets seven and the Lions go outside for a first 

down. The Lions are moving Driskel the way the Bears should move Trubisky. Detroit faces third-and-1 at Bears 46 on first series and has confusion in huddle, resulting in wasting a timeout. Paul Perkins gets first down in run up the  middle. Lions are trying to keep Driskel out of passing situations but now he faces second-and-9. Third-and-8 and Lions go on quick count, get pass off to Marvin Jones Jr.  Lions are facing third-and-goal at the 4.

Driskel throws over NIU's very own Kenny Golladay and first drive results in a 22-yard Matt Prater field goal. Lions 3, Bears 0

13 plays, 72 yards, 6:18 is a very good start for a backup QB.

8:42: Bears start at their own 23 after a Cordarrelle Patterson return.  David Montgomery behind James Daniels gets 5 on first carry, which is a great gain compared to past games. Then they tried running at Snacks Harrison and got nothing. Third down pass bobbled and wasn't quite where Taylor Gabriel needed it to get the first down. Fans boo Mitchell Trubisky and they punt. Eighth time in nine games they failed to score on first drive.

6:36: Lions going with Ty Johnson and Paul Perkins at running back so far and not doing a bad job of it. Eddie Goldman playing nose for Bears despite thigh injury. 

First-down holding call on Kyle Fuller for grabbing Marvin Jones Jr., and if he hadn't done it then it would have been a TD.

Lions quick, timing passes keeping Khalil Mack from becoming a factor.  Fuller decks Driskel on scramble for first  down and gets a roughing penalty. Most likely a fine.   Lions at the Bears 43. Detroit goes to JD MCKissic on this drive. Danny Trevathan leaves with an injury and in came Nick Kwiatkoski. The Lions get called for an illegal shift, wiping out first down. Face third-and-seven now. Driskel throws incomplete and Lions punt. The Bears left Kwiatkoski on the field for the third down and when Lions split their back out wide, Kwiatkoski went with him. Driskel should have held the ball longer and  thrown it deep. He had a mismatch. Trevathan in the  injury tent. He fell on top of Driskel on the play with his arm bent awkwardly.

3:05: Bears start at their own 10 after punt.  A 7-yard pass to Anthony Miller and a 2-yard run by Montgomery leaves Bears at third-and-1. Time for their new line to show up big. Trubisky gets the first down on a rare sneak. Dusted that play off.

Tarik Cohen given the ball to run inside again, gets 4 and risks getting clobbered in there. Trubisky gets sacked and had Montgomery wide open for the first down and didn't throw it. Third-and-9 coming up at Bears 22. Quarter ends. Lions 3, Bears 0

Second Quarter

If that's a season-ending injury to Bears defensive leader Danny Trevathan, it could have been his last play in Chicago. He's a unrestricted free agent after this year.  Third-down pass to Trey Burton is incomplete.

14:41: Detroit good field position again at 39. Without Akiem Hicks and Trevathan, the Lions should be running the ball all the time. They go right at the center of Bears defense. Eddie Goldman isn't in there now, either. It's a full second-team look for the inside of the Bears defense.  Lions get the completion but McKissic is inches short. They'll line up to punt from their 49. 

Bears leave the defense on the field and no one back for the punt, which might be wise considering how they got burned in this situation by Oakland. The punt dies at the 4 and they're burned anyway.

13:04: Bears brought in Cornelius Lucas as extra blocker and they wedged out a 3-yard gain. A 6-yard pass to A-Rob gives them third-and-a-long-1. And Bobby Massie false starts. Of course he does.

Trubisky drills it to Taylor Gabriel who is open. He drops it. Bears lead the NFL in dropped passes. Bears punt and Lions get a 14-yard return, start out at Bears 44. 

11:15: Trevathan said to have an elbow injury by team and is questionable to return. After way his arm bent, it has to be questionable to return this year.

Bears have been outgained 100 yards to 28. Jones helps Bears out with an illegal block in the back on first down, Lions back at their own 46.  PI waived off on Eddie Jackson was a terrible call. The Lions should throw the flag on that one.  Driskel a pretty fast runner picks up 12 but Lions hold. Now they're back at their 36. Second-and-30. Another 10 yards back and it will be third-and-40. Matt Nagy said he doesn't have a play for that.

Lions third-and-27 need a PI. Lions have to punt but tackle Rick Wagner is injured on the draw play they ran.  Lions' Ty Johnson left game due to a possible concussion. Wagner leaving on a cart. 

9:01: Bears at 11 get nothing on a run and Trubisky's pass deflected. Third-and-10. Just terrible field position for Bears offense all game. Trubisky sacked and Bears have to punt after 3-yard loss. Pat O'Donnell wearing out the grass in the end zone. Lions start at Bears 49. 

7:34: Bears have Goldman out again. Lions get a 1-yard loss on first-down pass. Brent Urban tackle for 3-yard gain and the Lions have third-and-7. Lions get the first down. Prince Amukamara hurt making the hit on the play. 12-yard gain puts Lions at Bears 34. Amukamara walked off on his own. Kevin Toliver in. Possession time: 15:58 to 8:47 Lions favor. Lions get delay of game on third-and-10. Now back out of field goal range. Driskel hits Danny Amendola to the 36 but Lions had an illegal formation and Bears are declining it? ??? Now Detroit is in range to try a 54-yard field goal. 54-yard field goal by Matt Prater. 7 plays 13 yards 2:54. Lions 6, Bears 0

Matt Nagy is going to have to answer for that one. They might never have been in field goal range if he took the penalty.

4:15: Another bad pass play for 3 yards to Tarik Cohen. And then Anthony Miller gets laid out for an incompletion after hit by Tavon Wilson. Runs off on his own. A 6-yard pass to Tarik Cohen and Bears are gambling on fourth-and-1 at own 29. David Montgomery gets 2 yards.  Cheers. Their second first down. 

Rick Wagner injury is a possible concussion for Detroit. 

Bears at their own 31. 2:37 remaining. Trubisky finds Allen Robinson and throws high, nearly gets him killed but he caught it for 9 yards.  Tarik Cohen with a toss around left end and the blocking forms for an 8-yard run and a first down as the 2-minute warning is given.

2:00: Bears at their own 48.  Bears have been outgained 130-53. At least they can say they have a balanced attack, 26 yards rushing, 27 passing.

Allen Robinson beats zone for 14-yard completion, and Lions follow by holding penalty on Trey Flowers, putting Bears at the Detroit 33. Another one to Robinson for 11 over the middle, but Robinson was wide open in the end zone and Trubisky checks down to Tarik Cohen then. Bears benefit on next play from pass interference but a holding on the Bears offsets the play. Second-and-5 at the Lions 18. Bears have two timeouts left and 32 seconds remaining in the half.  An 18-yard TD pass to the corner to Ben Braunecker. Perfect pass by Trubisky.  and he beat Will Harris. Bears 7, Lions 6

10 plays, 80 yards, 4:15 on scoring drive. Braunecker's third catch this season.

Ryan Nall with the tackle on kick return by Lions.

:18:  Lions seem content to run the clock out. But then call timeout after a handoff. Twelve ticks remain. Bears have two timeouts left, should try and force them to punt.     Bears 7, Lions 6 at half

Third Quarter

15:00: The Bears get a big play against Slay, 33-yards, then a PI against him and they're at the 9. Beautifully executed swing pass Trubisky to Tarik Cohen for a 9-yard TD. 12:25.  Pineiro misses the PAT wide right. Bears 13, Lions 6.

5 plays 76 yards 2:35 on the drive. Allen Robinson having a huge bounce-back game after one catch and 6 yards last week. He has five receptions for 73 yards and drew a PI for 26 yards too.

It will be interesting to see if the Lions stick with this short passing game and conservative play calls or have to open it up now. 

12:25: Driskel is pretty quick and has hurt the Bears with his feet, but Nick Kwiatkowski with the  pick at the Lions 29. His first career interception. Return of 4 yards puts it at the 25.

10:58:  Reverse flops to Taylor Gabriel and Bears are at Lions 26.

Third-and-9 TD pass 24 yards Trubisky to Gabriel. Came wide open and Trubisky hit him in stride in the end zone.  3 TD passes by Trubisky in less than a quarter. Actually, it's been less than half of a quarter. Bears 20, Lions 6. 

9:38: Lions at 25. Kyle Fuller jumps a route to Hockenson and nearly gets a pick-6, but not quite quick enough. Knocks it down. Driskel scrambles on third down for first down. Lions face another third down and go no huddle but Fuller is called for pass interference.

Lions at Bears 49. Incompletion and screen for 9 yards. Third-and-1 at Bears 40. Lions pick up first down at Bears 39 on Perkins run. Kevin  Strong, Lions D-lineman, is out with a rib injury.  Sack by Nick Williams. Bears threw a blitz at Lions and Williams came free. Third-and-12 at the Bears 41. Lions punt. Bears have it at their 12.

3:26: Game has changed completely since the Bears' second-quarter scoring drive to Ben Braunecker's first NFL TD catch. They  are now down 194-180 in yardage after a one-sided first half.

Trubisky 13 of 18 for 147 yards, 3 TDs, passer rating of 135.9. 5-yard pass to Gabriel, and they tried to burn Slay again deep but not this time. Third-and-5 at 17. 

Trubisky scramble nets 3 and they have to punt from their 20. 

1:50:  Lions at Detroit 32.  Mckissic gets 3. Lions get short gain face third-and-4 at 38 and Prince Amukamara open-field  tackle prevents first down on third-down pass. Lions have to punt. Terrible short punt and Bears end third quarter with ball at their own 26. Bears 20, Lions 6.

15:00: Bears  get a 13-yard pass to Allen Robinson and a 9-yard run by David Montgomery to reach the Lions 49.

Slay leaves with a limp. Trubisky tries to go deep after the injury but it's not even open at all.  Third-and-8 play after a Tarik Cohen run of 2 yards. Trubisky waits too long holding the ball and is sacked by Trey Flowers for a 12-yard loss. Bears have to punt.

10:42:  Now it's the Lions dealing with poor field position at their own 12.

A 1-yard McKissic run and incompletion forced by Khalil Mack leaves Lions third-and-9 at 13. Kwiatkoski with the sack and Lions punt.

9:37: Trubisky has all kinds of running room to scramble for a  first down, instead looks like he's running in water and gets stopped short. Bears punt with 7:17 remaining. Lions at their own 19.

7:16: Kenny Golladay makes a 47-yard touchdown catch with Driskel scrambling to avoid a sack and Lions are down 20-13. 4 plays 81 yards 1:23. 

Bears facing third-and-11 at their 29. Trubisky sacked again and Bears must punt with 4:00 left. Terrible punt from O'Donnell and the Lions are in business at their 47.

3:31: A 2-yard run but defensive holding gets Lions to Bears 45. A Danny Amendola drop. A rare Amendola drop on first down. Amendola follows with a 9-yard reception. Third-and-1 at the Bears 36. 

Lions face fourth-and-1 at Bears 36 after incompletion.

The Bears offense is fully to blame for this Lions comeback. They went back into hibernation after they took a 20-6 lead.   Kenny Golladay called for offensive pass interference makes it fourth-and-11.  Golladay was open but Driskel threw behind him for incompletion. Bears have the ball.

2:13: Bears go three-and-out. Lions two incompletions from their 10.  Lions get a 16-yard completion on third down to Marvin Jones, then an incompletion. 

At own 26, they get a 19 yard completion to Hockenson and use last timeout. A 15-yard completion to Bears 40 and they down it with 42 seconds left.

Second-and-10 at Bears 40. Catch by Jones reviewed and appeared he used ground to help catch it after his hands got under it. Will be interesting call. Lions either have it at Bears 28 or the 40 with 28 seconds left.  Bears lose on review and Lions are at the 28.  After incompletion, 21 seconds remain. Buster Skrine with a great tackle on a 3-yard completion, and Lions have to spike it. They have to throw for the end zone on fourth-and-7 at the Bears 25 with 7 seconds left. Incomplete in corner of end zone. Driskel threw from beyond line of scrimmage anyway. Bears 20, Lions 13 Final