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Bears Can Wait on Job Competition for Mitchell Trubisky

No Marcus Mariota, no C.J. Beathard, no nothing for the Bears on trade deadline means Mitchell Trubisky or bust.

Trade deadline came and went with the Bears sitting on their hands.

It's definitely not a sign they're elated with 3-4, but more a realization they've already traded too much of their future to risk giving up more draft picks. And the biggest need they have wasn't likely to be solved by a mid-season deal involving middle- or late-round picks.

Of course, this would be quarterback.

Mitchell Trubisky and the passing game hold up everything. It's how a playoff team with a great future suddenly becomes a team opponents look forward to facing.

The running game would work better if accompanied by a viable downfield threat. The dominant defense plays more with leads and then looks even more dominant.

The alternatives to Trubisky at mid-season just wouldn't do any better at this point.

The web rumor started by Adam Schefter was the Bears' supposed interest in 49ers backup C.J Beathard. Considering Beathard's limited playing production has been far short of what Trubisky's has been -- 57 percent completions and more interceptions (13) than touchdowns (12) -- they're far better off with their status quo at backup in Chase Daniel.

The speculation had Taylor Gabriel going to the 49ers, and this much made sense because they could use a receiver with speed, the Bears have a glut of receivers -- although not with Gabriel's speed -- and his contract expires after this season so there are no cap concerns.

Trubisky can continue to benefit from Gabriel, who.

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The remainder of this season will be about letting Trubisky play his hand and try to convince the Bears to stay the course. If they did this, then there are other moves the Bears could make in the future to ensure they had an alternative if there is continued slow, steady digression.

They could bring in a free agent who would challenge Trubisky for his job. Maybe facing competition instead of having a fatherly, coaching backup like Chase Daniel would work wonders for Trubisky.

Marcus Mariota would be an ideal player for this, on the rebound out of Tennessee. After all, Bears GM Ryan Pace once tried to trade to be able to draft him, and more importantly Bears offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich is Mariota's old college head coach.

There were rumors popping up without any teeth that Mariota was bound for Chicago Tuesday. They put a tryout given to free-agent quarterbacks Josh Johnson and Taylor Heinicke by the Titans together with the Bears' quarterback situation and foolishly connected dots.

If they were going to pursue Mariota, postseason would make more sense. He's not coming in now to lead a charge to the playoffs without knowledge of the offense anyway. And this is the last year of his contract, so they'd get him without giving up a pick.

It doesn't have to be Mariota. There could be five or six other veterans available in free agency.

A sidebar to all this is how Daniel has to become an even greater fan of Trubisky than ever.

If Trubisky succeeds greatly in the season's second half, Daniel could still have his job of making funny training camp videos and playing two games a year when Trubisky suffers shoulder injuries.

If Trubisky maintains his present course, though, they sign Mariota as competition and Daniel is out of a job.