No Deal, Still

Seattle's Carlos Dunlap confirms at a press conference that Russell Wilson is planning to play for the Seattle Seahawks this season.
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It wasn't confirmation from the horse's mouth, just one of the horses.

Still, the comments from defensive lineman Carlos Dunlap of the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday when he talked to media covering the NFC West team put a virtual end to the Russell Wilson trade notion for the Bears. 

At best, it's floating dead in the water at the moment, waiting for someone else to put up a sail to catch the trade winds.

Defensive lineman Carlos Dunlap signed a new two-year contract with Seattle after te team released him earlier, and Ty Dane Gonzalez of Seahawk Maven reported one topic addressed during Dunlap's press conference was the idea of Wilson being traded.

Dunlap actually asked Wilson about the trade when he was making up his mind.

"I did ask him if, obviously, he was gonna be with us," Dunlap told reporters. "Because if I'm coming back, I'm coming back because I see him as my quarterback."

Dunlap made it pretty clear where Wilson is going to play.

"He told me he's with us and he's here to stay," Dunlap said.

There had been some hints earlier Wilson had either made amends with Seattle coaching and/or management. He had been putting out congratulatory tweets to teammates who signed contracts, including Tyler Lockett and Chris Carson.

However, this the first time anyone actually cited a direct comment by Wilson in any form.

Wilson had reportedly been upset about pass blocking and the lack of input he has in the Seattle offense, causing him to say in February that there were four teams he'd be open to playing for if traded. One was the Bears. 

After making their trade offers and getting rejected by Seattle coach Pete Carroll, the Bears have moved ahead with plans for the season not including Wilson, of course. They signed Andy Dalton but it was for only a one-year contract.

This week Sam Darnold was traded by the Jets to Carolina, removing any chance the Bears might have had of getting New York involved in a three-way trade with Seattle so that the Seahawks could have a quarterback involved in return for Wilson. Carroll, the former USC coach, was reported to have liked Darnold, a former USC quarterback.

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While this all should definitely quiet talk of a possible trade, it doesn't entirely end it. ESPN's Adam Schefter and several other ESPN reporters had continually said the chance existed the trade could be revisited. However, no sources were given saying it would.  

The Seahawks, themselves, haven't come out with any sort of comment about the situation. And Wilson's contract still hasn't been restructured, allowing him still to be dealt. The best time for Wilson to be traded is after June 1.

Seattle would realize $19 million in cap savings if a deal came after June 1.

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