Bears Convinced They'll Get a QB Through Collaboration

GM Ryan Pace has already failed to obtain a viable franchise quarterback in the draft but he and Matt Nagy are confident they can achieve this through a team effort this time, and ownership believes they can pull it off
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Mitchell Trubisky's fate is no more clear now than when the Bears walked off the field Sunday after their 21-9 playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Bears coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace spoke about the need to get the quarterback situation right and their plans to collaborate on finding one this offseason, but on the topic of Trubisky they had no answer during Wednesday's season-ending Bears press conference.

"I would say everything's on the table right now," Pace said about Trubisky's fate. "Just as we've just come off three days off a game, everything's on the table right now."

A longtime Trubisky supporter, Bears board chairman George McCaskey was no more clear on the topic but did acknowledge this was one specific position he spoke about with Pace and coach Matt Nagy when evaluting their job performances.

"Well we did discuss the quarterback position at length," McCaskey said. "I'm not going to go into specifics because their end of season evaluation of the roster hasn't been completed, but it's pretty clear that we need better production from the quarterback position to be successful."

McCaskey believe Pace can come up with a quarterback in this draft when he apparently has failed on Trubisky because he now has Matt Nagy helping.

"I think it's the way they collaborate," McCaskey said. "Matt's been involved in player personnel decisions since he arrived here. Of course Ryan has the final say on selection and roster decisions, but it's how well they work together.

"Like I said they have vigorous discussions and we think that their collaboration will result in the right decisions for the Bears."

Pace referred to the quarterback as the search of this offseason, which doesn't sound like an open invitation to bring back Trubisky.

"As far as the plan at quarterback, to get to where we want to go, we definitely need more out of that position," Pace said. "We know that. What does that entail? That is what this whole offseason is about. We're just three days off a playoff loss but that is what this offseason is about."

Pace pointed toward the David Montgomery selection as evidence he and Nagy can produce a successful player in the draft through collaboration.

"We knew two years ago that running back was an important position for us and we went in there in the third round and we were able to identify a guy like David Montgomery," Pace said. "I think the same holds true to Kmet and Jaylon Johnson and Mooney this year.

"I just have a lot of confidence in the unity we have as coaching staff and personnel department, but mainly that Matt and I have at attacking that together."

Of course, this isn't the first time Pace has had to find a quarterback. The Mike Glennon signing and the trade for Nick Foles failed to do the same thing the trade up to get Trubisky in the draft failed to accomplish—get a quarterback.

The past can be strong proof of future performance and the Trubisky selection still haunts Pace.

"Not to get fixated on the past, we are focused on the future, but I think you are right and you always have to learn through one of these experiences and what you go through, and we can talk about that today," Pace said. "And I think as I reflect back and you are going to hear this word a lot today because it's true, is collaboration.

"The collaboration that Matt and I have and I just have a lot of confidence in doing that together because it's boded well for us in other positions that we selected so that's what gives me confidence as we enter this offseason."

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