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The Bears have all of their Day 3 draft picks signed as OTAs begin

Sixth-round guard/tackle Zachary Thomas from San Diego State signed his four-year rookie deal on Monday, the team announced.

The Bears had signed fifth-round picks Braxton Jones and Dominique Robinson, sixth-rounders Doug Kramer and Trestan Ebner and seventh-round picks Ja'Tyre Carter, Elijah Hicks and Trenton Gill last week.

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They're left only with second-round picks Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon, and third-rounder Velus Jones still to sign.

According to, the projected payment slot for Thomas, the 186th pick in the draft, is a $705,000 salary plus a bonus of $47,997.

According to Spotra7c, the other payouts for draft picks were $705,000 for all the picks plus bonuses of $74,888 for Braxton Jones, $68,289 for Robinson, $41,484 for Ebner, $39,452 for Kramer, $27,328 for Carter and $19,252 for both Gill and Hicks.

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