Chicago Bears and L.A. Rams Live Blog | Rams 24, Bears 3, 4th

In-game blogging from the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams matchup at SoFi Stadium on Monday Night football

Fourth Quarter

  • Second time they ran past Ramsey with a fake. Mooney did the other one but they didn't complete it. Rams have Terrell Burgess down with an injury after Montgomery bulled to within a yard of the first down.
  • Allen Robinson beats Jalen Ramsey for 42 yards. They prove they actually can throw deep.
  • Bears ball at the 20. 
  • Roy Robertson Harris deflects the field goal. Khalil Mack had returned for the drive and apparently is OK, or as OK as he can be. He came into the game with some sort of back soreness. 

Third Quarter

  • The fourth-down toss to Patterson goes for a loss. Looked a lot like the pathetic option pitch Trubisky tried to run last year against the Rams that failed on fourth down. Rams ball at the Bears 32. Quarter ends. Rams 24, Bears 3
  • Ruled a catch on replay reversal. Now it's fourth-and-1. Bears will go for it.
  • Incomplete pass to Miller, who had control for three steps with the ball in his hand until he hit the ground. Bears contest the call. He already appeared to have possession with one hand if that's possible. Not sure it is or not. 
  • Cody Whitehair injured now and Sam Mustipher is in. The screen to Montgomery nets nothing. He stood and looked instead of running.
  • Bears should focus their offense on running the ball this last quarter-plus. At least they could get something out of this trip if they do it. This has been a killer for the offense. They can't get into a rhythm passing because they have no running game. The running attack hasn't worked right since Trubisky was pulled. There's a good reason for this. Trubisky kept the defense from cheating by bringing down their ends.
  • First TD pass allowed outside 10 yards by the Bears defense, but at this point it's largely irrelevant. The interception Foles threw in the end zone was a dagger. They could have been down by a score. It put the defense right back out there and it's a blowout now. 
  • Gerald Everett for a 12-yard TD after DHC misses the tackle. Rams 24, Bears 3
  • Smith with a hit on Henderson but at the end of a big gainer. Henderson is hurt on the play. First down at the Bears 10.
  • Henderson runs for a first down as the Rams' physical play continues to leave the Bears arm tackling.
  • Jet sweep for 26 by Woods.
  • Mack not on the field Rams pick up a first down, now face second-and-10. Eddie Jackson has returned.
  • Foles intercepted on a tipped pass in the end zone. Rapp with the pick. Hill had Darnell Mooney blanketed. Foles should  have thrown that one away.
  • Demetrius Harris lowers the shoulder for a 6-yard physical pass.
  • Pass interference on deep ball to Robinson poorly defended. Bears at Rams 15
  • Montgomery cuts outside and runs for 11
  • Foles to Jimmy Graham as secondary has backed off. Graham goes to the Bears 48. 
  • Montgomery runs for 6 and a first down.
  • Bears from the 20, Foles hits Harris, who holds onto it for a change. 8 yards.
  • Jackson walked off and went to the tent but seems OK. Brown goes to the 2 on a run and Khalil was injured on the play. Bilal Nichols had him for a loss but lost him on the run. Then Brown goes in from the 1 for a TD. Bears are getting beaten physically now after getting out positioned in the first half by the scheme. This looks like the Colts game all over again. With 8:06 left in the third quarter. Rams 17, Bears 3
  • Deon Bush is already nursing an injury. DeAndre Houston-Carson might get some playing time.
  • Blitzed Roquan Smith for some reason and Goff completes a 21-yard pass on a skinny post and the Bears are backed up again. Goff completes two passes and on the second one to Kupp, Eddie Jackson goes down with an injury. Grabbed his left knee after leaping without taking any contact.
  • Hicks was being held blatantly but no call. He forced an incompletion by Goff downfield. Third-and-5.
  • Another run around end, gets 5 when the Bears seemed to have it stuffed.
  • Punt 47 yards as O'Donnell digs Bears out of another hole. Good coverage, as well. The Rams have it at their own 45
  • Montgomery buries his head and gets 3 yards. Then Foles beats the rush to get off a throw from the end zone and Mooney has totally faked out Jalen Ramsey  and is wide open but the ball sails too far. 
  • Running play up the middle and Demetrius Harris adds a holdinig penalty to his night of dubious accomplishment. Declined as Montgomery got 1 yard.
  • Bears at the 1. 
  • That's 5 1/2 sacks on the year for Mack.
  • Strip sack of Goff but the Bears can't get it. Khalil Mack hit him as he threw. Rams punt and it's downed at the Bears 1 as another punt hits the ground. What is Ginn doing back there? If he's not going to field it, then they should try to block every punt and put no one back there. He hadn't returned a punt snice 2017 before Tarik Cohen's ACL tear and they should have left it that way. Give Harris a call Ryan Pace.
  • Bears give it right back as Hicks jumps offsides.
  • Rams get back 12 on a pass to Kupp but Rams lined up in the neutral zone. Third-and-7.
  • Not sure what the flag on Jaylon Johnson was for though. Cooper Kupp initiated the contact. Fiirst down and Roy Robertson-Harris steps up and makes a play, stuffs Kupp on the jet sweep for a loss of 5. 
  • Rams backed up to the 18 to start the drive. Hicks called for roughing the passer but there is another flag against the Bears for holding. 

Second Quarter

  • Rams go conservative after seeing near disaster twice and clock runs out. Bears have a timeout left and for some reason won't take it. They could have at least forced a punt.  Rams 10, Bears 3 Halftime
  • Goff inviting trouble throws over middle with rush combini and Tashaun Gipson knocks it down but could have taken it to the house. Then incomplete on second down. 
  • A 6-yard completion to Kupp and the rush gets to Goff as he throws for an incompletion. Third-and-4 from the 16 with 44 seconds left and Rams get the first down with a run for 13 by Brown. 
  • Foles sacked by Leonard Floyd and Bears punt. 
  • Bears make up the sack yardage on a run by Montgomery but it's third-and-10 at the Rams 43. Two-minute warning. Rams 10, Bears 3
  • Foles sacked on first down. That's what they call timeout for. Donald was in it for half a sack. First sack in 6 quarters against the Bears.
  • Darnell Mooney with a little play-action dump off and he takes iit downfield for 18 yards to the Rams 43. Bears waste another timeout with 2:55 left in the half. 
  • Graham gets 6 on first down pass. Another generous spot. Looked like a 4-yard gain. Bears have to use a timeout to avoid a delay penalty with 3:24 left in the half.
  • A-Rob gets a low ball for a 15-yard completion. Couldn't tell if it hit the ground.
  • Another poor Patterson return to the sideline. Maybe he should go tweet or something because he's getting nothing done here tonight.
  • A 1-yard completion as Buster Skrine makes the play and the Rams bring in their kicker. A good place for a fake. Their kicker though is in his range. Samuel Sloman from 22. Another yard back and he's outside his range. Rams 10, Bears 3
  • Eddie Jackson gets into the backfield and hits Henderson but misses the tackle. Fortunately Barkevious Mingo cleans it up and it's a 1-yard loss. Third-and-4.
  • Trevathan miisses another tackle and Rams get 7 on a run. It's at the Bear 6
  • Jets sweep to Kupp gets 15. The jet motion got them again. Boot pass then a broken tackle as Danny Trevathan misses the takle for a 35-yard gain to the Bears 12.
  • Another big punt, 47 yards and the Rams treat it like it's go COVID-19 and let it go. The ball rolls dead at the 38. Pat O'Donnell gets them out of trouble again.
  • Bears keep the offense on the field, go for the first down and get it but Rashaad Coward jumped before the snap and they'll punt. 
  • Great catch by Javon Wims and Jalen Ramsey snuffs out the first down with a vicious hit. That's why he gets the big bucks. Half a yard short. The officials can't seem to spot the ball this year and gave the Bears a first down and obviously they didn't get it. It's going to be fourth-and-inches at the 20.
  • Montgomery with another 1-yard gain. They can't quit the run but it's not working. On second down Mooney gets open deep briefly but the ball is overthrown and the safety John Johnson got back into coverage. Third-and-9. 
  • Ted Ginn does another stupid thing on a punt return. Lets it bounce at the 10. They need to get another return man. They tried out Dwayne Harris this week and next week need to make the signing. He lucks out as it bounces up in the air and dies at the 10 like a Phil Mickelson flop shot.
  • Goff deep overthrow on third down and they'll punt 9:16 left in the quarter at the Bears 40. Watch for a fake with their punter.
  • Super Mario with the TFL on first down. Loss of 3. Then a short 3-yard gain on second down with a pass. Third-and-10 from the Bears 40.
  • Rams go out of the gun and throw for the first down beating Fuller for 6 to Reynolds. At Bears 40.
  • Another 9-yard run. The Bears defense hangs tough on second down, as Robert Quinn makes a rare run stop for no gain. Third-and-1.
  • Defense has Goff where they want him but no pressure on Quinn and he steps up and drills a first-down pass on third-and-11. At the Rams 42.
  • Malcolm Brown apparently hasn't heard how good an open-field tackler Kyle Fuller is because he jumped right over him on a 9-yard run.
  • The Bears are not handling the motion or quarterback movement well. Goff throws a pass nowhere as Akiem Hicks hiits him and Bilal Nichols comes in to clean up and he's called for grounding. 
  • The Bears on offense are getting into too many third-and-long situations. They did last week as well, but the Rams defense is better than Carolina's.
  • Darnell Mooney is the hot read on a blitz and gets just 2 crossing the middle so the Bears line for a field goal and Cairo Santos makes it from 42 yards. Rams 7, Bears 3.

First Quarter

  • Montgomery puts his head down as the quarter ends and barrels inside for 2 yards. Third-and-6. End of first. Rams 7, Bears 0
  • Patterson wastes another play, cuts outside on an end around to the Rams 30. Had 3 more yards if he goes inside, but that's the wide receiver in him
  • Foles on bootleg pass to Kmet again. Gains 7, but run up the mididle to Montgomery nets 1. Thiird-and-2 and Montgomery powers off left guard and center for 5 yards.
  • Foles completes 37-yard throw to Cole Kmet as Donald grabs his feet. Great blocking by Cody Whitehair to keep Donald away.
  • Patterson's shaky return leaves the Bears backed up at their own 17. Needed to hit it up in there instead of strething it.
  • The game started fine until Ifedi's holding penalty. Then the movement passes and now Bears face another first-quarter deficit.
  • Another bootleg pass to the 4. Second and goal. Skrine doesn't get over on Reynolds as they go no huddle and it's a 4-yard TD pass. The no huddle and QB movement are killing the Bears defense.  Rams 7, Bears 0 3:57 left
  • Goff completes one to each sideline. Rams are really moving him around a lot more than in other games with the Bears. At the Bears 16 and Henderson gets a first down on a 6-yard run to the 10.
  • Akiem Hicks has Goff dead to rights and misses him and Goff completes it after being hit by Hicks. But head slap by Hicks is called anyway. Rams at the Bears 36.
  • Rams test Jaylon Johnson on first down deep and he does a nice job playing the ball and Reynolds tries to take a dive to fake the interference but doesn't get it. 
  • On third-and-7 the throw to Patterson picks up only a yard. Jimmy Graham had come open over the middle in the zone if he had waited. Bears punt 56 yards but allow 10-yard return.
  • Montgomery hesitating after another handoff. All kind of room  to run and he gets only 3. Should have been at least a 5-to-6-yard gain. Incomplete to Demetrius and his skillet hands. He has to be out of the game. He looks like Eric Ebron.
  • Punt goes out of bounds at the Bears 7
  • Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks smell the screen coming and wipe it out for a loss, leaving the Rams out of field goal position.
  • Rams use a timeout on third-and-4 to avoid a penalty for delay but they had forever. I'm not sure they started that play clock when they should have.
  • Buster Skrine misses an excellent opportunity at a pick. Cooper Kupp stopped running his route and Skrine stopped running or he could have picked it. 
  • Robert Quinn bites badly on the bootleg fake and Goff picks up 7 running.
  • Overthrow on second down but officials flag Tashaun Gipson for a hold.
  • Cooper Kupp for 11 yards and more no-huddle. At the 50, Goff throws wildly for Woods with Roquan Smith in coverage on first down.
  • Bootleg pass to Woods and another first down. The Rams are running what they run and the Bears so far aren't up to stopping it. Play action, boots, run.
  • Entire left side of the Bears line blown off the ball. This iis the problem run area. 
  • Third-and-12 after incompletion up the middle and Foles finds Patterson, who stands and freezes instead of heading upfield where he might break a tackle. The Bears have to punt. Ball is fair caught at the 9.
  • Germaini Ifedi held Aaron Donald. Second and 12. No doubt about that penalty.
  • No-huddle and an 8-yard pass to Robinson. Flags fly on first-down run by Montgomery
  • Third-and-6 after a 1-yard gain and Anthony Miller with a nice 8-yard catch near the sidelines. The Bears need that slot position to win tonight.
  • Montgomery cuts the wrong way on the first run. The line had plenty of room for a change for him and he went too far outside left, gains 3
  • Cordarrelle Patterson sets Bears up at the 30

The Bears and Los Angeles meet for the 95th time with the Bears owning a series lead 54-37-3 lead in their series. The Bears have a 32-38 record all time on Monday Night football.



  • DB Sherrick McManis'
  • RB Artavis Pierce
  • OL Arlington Hambright
  • WR Riley Ridley
  • OLB Trevis Gipson


  • OL Brian Allen
  • K Kai Forbath
  • TE Tyler Higbee
  • WR Trishton Jackson
  • RB Xavier Jones

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