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Gene Chamberlain

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Second Quarter

  • Trubisky pulls an Aaron Rodgers on third down. Looks, rolls, looks, signals to Mooney and throws across the field 15 yards for Mooney's first career touchdown in front of Corey Ballentine. Bears 17, Giants 0 :14 left in half. 11 plays, 80 yards, 5:15
  • Pass to Robinson at sideline incomplete. Officials throw flag for illegal contact as Tarik Cohen is knocked down a few yards past the ball but they pick up the flag.
  • Not sure why they call that play but it's the second time they ran Trubisky on a sweep. Gets a little more than last time, 2 yards to the 15 and out of bounds. But took a hit.
  • Beautifully thrown, high to Javon Wims for 12 yards against Giants zone. At the 17.
  • Play-action to Nall gains 2. Bears at third-and-7 at the 29.
  • Trubisky has worked over the middle nicely on play-action passes this drive. Three completions, Robinson, Kmet and Mooney. Trubisky 10 of 14 for 130. Passer rating of 124.1
  • Bears at the Giants 31 2-minute warning. Second-and-9.
  • Cole Kmet's first reception of his career, over the middle and goes for 12 yards at the 32 of New York.
  • Play-action to Darnell Mooney for 16 looked like play against Detroit he had for the first catch but without the spin.
  • Patterson goes outside for 3. Bears should think about running Ryan Nall in there. The runs are all going outside.
  • Play action slant to Robinson nets 14. Thrown behind him but it was better there because it didn't risk the interception.
  • Sporadic play by Bears offense continues. They went on a tear for 2 quarters, ending Lions game, starting this game, and now nothing. Starting this drive at the 20 with 5:29 left.
  • Montgomery has a neck injury and his return is questionable. 
  • Tarik Cohen with a nice decision on the punt. Lets it go into end zone.
  • Option toss, a counter left, results in a loss of a yard on nice tackle in open field of Louis by Roquan Smith. Giants going for it on fourth-and-3 but just try to pull the Bears offsides. They'll punt.
  • Giants face a third-and-2 after Mack stops Louis for 1 yard on second-and-3.
  • Louis tries to pick up first down and gets it on third-and-1 run.
  • Barkley officially ruled out rest of game due to a right knee injury.
  • End around to Shepard gains 6 around right side. 
  • Jones gets Giants out of a hole with 15-yarder to Louis. 
  • Giants at their 14 with 10:06 left in half.
  • Now it's apparent why Cohen let the ball go on the punt. They can't see the ball in that sun on that side of the field. The Giants just experienced the same problem and ball rolls dead at the 14. First down.
  • Pass to Patterson loses a yard on third-and-18. Bears punt.
  • Trubisky sacked for loss of 9 on rush up the middle. No blitz, just Cody Whitehair beaten straight up.
  • Officially a 1-yard gain and Bears are at their 45 with 11:52 left in the half. Tarik Cohen in for Montgomery. Bears with 44 rushing yards so far.
  • Montgomery walks off with trainers to sidelines.
  • Now the main Bears ball carrier is hurt. David Montgomery tried leaving his feet on a 2-yard gain and came down hard in the middle of the line. He was upended by Austin Johnson and landed on his head. 
  • Cordarrelle Patterson charges through hole slanting into right side for 10
  • Trubisky tries forcing in play-action to Robinson and nearly gets it picked.
  • Reserve safety Deon Bush his first career interception on pass intended for tight end Evan Engram over the middle. Returns it 9 yards to the 34. Bears ball 12:47 left in second quarter.
  • Louis gains 3 up the middle. Second-and-7 at the 28 and Jones is sacked by Barkevious Mingo for 1-yard loss.
  • Illegal hands was on Bears and its a first down. Slayton catches 17-yard pass at the Bears 31.
  • Barkley gets the first down and goes down on the Bears sideline and is being attended to. Eddie Jackson drove him out of bounds. Illegal hands to the face wipes out penalty and Barkley is still down. He landed on the right side and is being helped limping across the field. Appears to be a right knee injury.
  • Nagy's play calling so far has been a nice mix. 
  • Giants start second quarter, second-and-10 at their own 41

First Quarter

  • After a run by Dion Lewis for nothing stuffed by Akiem Hicks, quarter ends. Bears 10, Giants 0
  • Barkley runs straight up the middle 18 yards.That doubles the Giants' offensive yards.
  • :49 left in quarter. Giants start at 28.
  • Trubisky overthrew Miller who was covered well in zone. Bears punting. 
  • Trubisky sacked by Lorenzo Carter for 5-yard loss. Trubisky needed to move some, just stood in pocket. Patterson gets it back with short catch and run of 9 yards. Third and 6
  • Jimmy Graham wide open against Giants zone in front of Julian Love for 18 yards heading OB.
  • Montgomery blows through for 8 off right guard, it's third-and-2.
  • 3:42 left in quarter and Trubisky with an ill-advised incompletion to Robinson only 4 yards downfield, nearly picked.
  • Kyle Fuller blankets Shepard for incompletion but Barkley comes back with a 5-yard run off right tackle. Third-and-5. Fuller knocks it away from Shepard on a slant and the Giants must punt. It's no surprise they are putting Darius Slay on Jaylon Johnson's side but didn't throw it that way. Tarik Cohen lets punt roll dead at 8 for a 62-yard punt. Should have fielded the ball.
  • Giants start at 25
  • Giants offensive line was getting blasted by coaches, and lots of hollering going on.
  • Miller bears Isaac Yiadom for a possible TD but drops well thrown pass diving forward on third down. So Cairo Santos kicks a 34-yard field goal with 4:36 left in quarter. Bears 10, Giants 0
  • Bears get 1 from Tarik Cohen off right guard and Trubisky runs 3 yards on zone read. Third-and-6. 
  • Robert Quinn-Khalil Mack connection strikes. Quinn with the sack and Mack recovers at Giants 20. Quinn blindsided Jones to knock it loose.
  • Giants start at own 21. Daniel Jones to Sterling Shepard for 5 but on second down Akiem Hicks devours Saquon Barkley for a 1-yard loss.
  • Second touchdown reception of David Montgomery's career but he had to work much harder for this one. Other was a short flip.
  • That's four Trubisky TD passes in 2 quarters. 12 plays, 82 yards, 7:35 on drive. The Bears have had four touchdown passes on their last five drives.
  • Trubisky holds ball and waits til Montgomery clears on sidelines for 28-yard catch and run cutting back from sideline for a TD. Bears 7, Giants 0 7:25 left
  • Bears at the Giants 29 after 2-yard completion to Robinson and Cordarrelle Patterson runs for 2 more. Bears face third-and-7 at 28.
  • The Bears actually ran the ball on third-and-2, a rarity, and Montgomery gained 7 around left end and OB. Great vision and blocking.
  • David Montgomery has 4 up the middle but the play opened up and he was just tripped by the ankle or would have had big yardage.
  • Giants Kyler Fackrell jumps offsides, a linebacker. Then Trubisky tries to run a QB sweep, a play borrowed from John Fox. Loses one. Second and six
  • The contract boy, Tarik Cohen takes a short flip 15 yards to the outside and then picks up the first down with a run inside of 5 yards. Bears at the Giants 46
  • Trubisky steps into a sack, held the ball forever.
  • Allen Robinson shows why he should get a new contract with first down conversion on a 17-yard leaping reception over the middle.
  • Two runs net 5 yards for the Bears and force third-and-5
  • Bears start from their own 19 after Cordarrelle Patterson returns it 23 yards.

Anthem: Six Bears were kneeling and James Vaughters raised his fist while standing during the anthem. But more than half the team was in the locker room and emerged in the tunnel as the anthem was ending. 

The Bears had a surprise game day inactive when it was announced Ted Ginn Jr. would sit. Ginn was targeted last week on a fourth-and-7 play for an incompletion but did not have a reception. He wasn't injured this week, and wasn't on the final injury report after Wednesday. He had been given Wednesday off as a veteran day off of rest, along with tight end Jimmy Graham. The Bears have Devante Bond active from the practice squad after picking him back up during the week. Josh Woods is inactive for what the team termed as personal reasons.



WR Ted Ginn Jr.

CB Duke Shelley

LB Josh Woods

OL Arlington Hambright

WR Riley Ridley

OLB Trevis Gipson


 RB Wayne Gallman, 

DB Adrian Colbert

LB TJ Brunson

LB Carter Coughlin

OT Jackson Barton

TE Eric Tomlinson 

DL RJ McIntosh.

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