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Fantasy Blowout Continues for Bears

Allen Robinson seemed like his fantasy football stock was on the rise after the impressive performance by the Bears passing attack to close the loss to Pittsburgh but now he's back to Square One due to injury.

When last Justin Fields threw a pass in a game, everything looked so much rosier for the fantasy football owners who experienced the disaster of drafting Allen Robinson.

Sure, they didn't have to pay his $17.9 million but the fantasy owners invested time and chances for cash in the theory that he would finally have the fabled good passer throwing his way after years of experiencing Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles and Blake Bortles.

It cause for celebration for the downtrodden fantasy owner when Robinson last week caught three passes for a season-high 68 yards. Never mind that he had only seven games the previous two seasons when he caught four passes or less from Trubisky, Foles or Chase Daniel. The four receptions this time marked a high for Robinson with Fields throwing passes.

Then came the injury reports this week and more bad news for the Bears but also for fantasy owners who hoped Robinson and Fields might actually be in lock step.

Robinson is doubtful, which means he's not going to play.

It also means bad news for those who have Darnell Mooney because he now becomes the focus of the Ravens pass defense.

A hamstring injury isn't the end of the season by any means. Robinson and Fields could work on that connection again with seven games remaining after this week. But it's all on hold for now.

Here are your top fantasy plays from Sunday's Bears-Ravens game.

Start 'Em

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

The Bears have experienced trouble tackling throughout the season, with the exception of Roquan Smith. He's missed only 4.1% of his tackle attempt this year, but can't be everywhere. The Bears will have Smith spying on Jackson. Smith has great speed but unless he has jet afterburners somewhere in his uniform he's not going to be able to shut down Jackson's running all day. The Bears secondary has experienced troubles all year covering when the rush doesn't get there, which is to say they can't really cover well regardless. Jackson should pass and run against the Bears.

Ravens RB Latavius Murray

Murray might be on a league scrap heap, especially after missing three games injured. He's healthy now and two years ago he ran for 119 yards on the Bears defense at Soldier Field while with New Orleans when Teddy Bridgewater was quarterback. The fact the defense focuses so much on Jackson will give him opportunities again.

Ravens TE Mark Andrews

He already has 48 receptions and is really their best overall target, while also being en excellent blocker. If Smith is spying on Jackson, the short and middle pass coverage can suffer and it's difficult to see how they would cover the 6-foot-5, 256-pound tight end with either slot cornerback Duke Shelley or 31-year-old safety Tashaun Gipson.

Ravens WR Marquise Brown

Expecting something like Hollywood did against the Minnesota Vikings, when he had nine catches for 116 yards, is probably a reach. However, he could be covered much of the time by Kindle Vildor when he is on the right side of the formation.

Bears QB Justin Fields

It might not be the 291-yard day he had against Pittsburgh, and the Bears are talking a lot about big plays from the rookie. Fields is facing the NFL's worst pass defense, so whether they blitz him like many teams have done, or they play a lot of zone pass coverage as many teams have, Fields figures to have the chance to put up points with his arm. His legs never are going to be full ruled out as a threat to defenses.

Bears TE Cole Kmet

Now with 28 receptions and playing at a much higher level, Kmet is now lving up to expectations for a second-round pick. Kmet has 20 receptions for 225 yards in the last five games, averaging 11.25 yards. Someone has to catch Fields' throws when Robinson is out and Mooney is going to get plenty of attention.

Bears RB David Montgomery

Sure, the Ravens are fourth in the league at stopping the run. But how much of that is because they are so bad against the pass that teams don't waste time or can't waste time running on them. Regardless, Montgomery hasn't been fully exploited as a receiver this year and it's a good week to go after a defense that will be focused on Fields by throwing screens.

Sit 'Em

Bears WR Allen Robinson

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For obvious reasons. Don't expect some miracle last-second recovery.

Bears WR Darnell Mooney

You might think he's a logical choice to catch more than his average but without Robinson to focus on, defenses will shift his way. Also, Mooney is nursing a foot injury after coming off a groin injury.


Can't recommend either defense in this one in a standard league. This figures to be a shootout. The Bears are going to want to open it up against the Ravens because it gives Fields a chance to continue what he did last week and Baltimore will be determined to get its offense in gear against an injury plagued Bears defense after scoring only 10 points against Miami. If you're on defense, head for the hills.

In IDP leagues, Roquan Smith will be making a ton of tackles as he always does. Add a few more. He's going to be needed everywhere with so many key defenders hurt.

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey figures to have a decent game in the middle of a season with 10 pass defenses and an interception. As good as Fields looked the last two games, he remains a bit turnover-prone as the Bears have surrendered the ball nine times in the last four games compared to only for in the first five.

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