Fiery Nick Foles Sees Offense Being on Verge of Improvement

Gene Chamberlain

Perhaps it was too much Club Dub afterwards, or maybe just the thrill of being 5-1.

Whatever the explanation, Nick Foles was pumped up after Sunday's 23-16 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Foles didn't exactly excell but he is taking the Matt Nagy glass half-full approach to the Bears offense in a victory rather than dwell upon some of their struggles.

"Well, right now we have a lot of areas to improve offensively once again, but we are figuring out ways to, you know, score and get points and move the ball and do those things," Foles said. "We can fix what we're doing. It doesn't happen overnight. Offenses don't get fixed overnight and sometimes they don't get fixed throughout the course of years. You see that in the NFL.

"There has been teams that have been bad offensively for a very long time. We're not one of those teams."

Foles might be enthusiastic, and energized, but obviously he doesn't have a sense for Bears history.

"We're a team that is young offensively, we're growing, we're getting to know each other, we're figuring out who we are and we're doing it at the right time and as a team we're winning these games," Foles added. "And I think that is what is important."

The good news about the offense was they rushed for the total number of yards they gained in the previous two games combined. The bad news was that number was 63 yards.

Also on the good side was Foles' 9-yard TD pass to Cole Kmet. On the really bad side was the interception he threw from the Panthers 22 while rolling right one play after the Bears had just come up with a fumble.

They again they got beat handily in time of possession 31:06 to 28:54, and had only 261 yards of offense.

Bad became comical when they were penalized for delay of game right after coming out of a timeout they took to keep from being penalized for delay of game.

What they did well was get an early lead after they were handed the ball at the 7-yard line thanks to Tashaun Gipson's interception. In fact, this was typical for the day as they averaged the Bears 44 for a starting point and the Panthers started from their own 18 on average.

"Really proud of our guys but it was different when we're not at the end trying to come back and make plays and win at the last second and stuff like that," Foles said. "So it was nice to have that lead.

"Now we gotta build and put more points on the board so we can have that four-minute a little earlier to finish the game."

Foles steered the postgame press conference into the high ground.

"I love the passion of the players most importantly," he said. "They care. We're bonding. We're getting to know each other. That's football. You don't just go out there and play football. You gotta care about the man next to you to make those plays.

"So, I like where we're at. I know we're going to improve. I believe in our staff. I believe in our players and I'm really grateful to be a part of this organization."

Foles acknowledged all the mistakes but somehow kept his positive frame of min

"I feel like we're figuring out who we want to be," Foles said. "And that excites me."

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