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Justin Fields Injury Remains a Great Unknown

Conflicting reports on Justin Fields injury situation leave it right where Matt Eberflus left it.

Beyond the enjoyment of seeing network types feuding over whether their source is bigger or better, the Bears quarterback situation is headed where Matt Eberflus said it would.

The Bears coach left off on Monday saying Fields is day to day and they'll have more on the subject Wednesday.

Then came an NFL Network report by Ian Rapoport claiming Fields has a dislocated left shoulder.

Then came a Mike Florio report for Pro Football Talk saying a source tells him it is NOT a dislocated left shoulder.

Then came ESPN's Adam Schefter backing up Florio's statement.

The only real information known is just what Eberflus said at Monday's press conference, and that is how Fields is day to day.

"Yeah, so right now obviously you guys know the injury report comes out Wednesday and right now it’s day-to-day," Eberflus said Monday. "We'll see where he is on Wednesday. So we've got time, we'll see where it is and go from there."

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Later in the same press conference, Eberflus said, 'Oh. Yeah. We'll see where it goes. Day to day. We'll see. Gotta evaluate on Wednesday. And then we'll see where it is from there."

This actually pushes back the time frame. If they have to evaluate Fields at practice Wednesday, it will be Friday until they address the topic because Eberflus' Wednesday press conference comes prior to actual practice and then he doesn't talk to media again until Friday.

When Eberflus was evasive about the injury and Fields' injury and status on Monday, he told media:

"I think you can ask him when he comes up here on Wednesday or whatever day he comes up here this week."

So it could be when Fields does his regular Wednesday press conference, or if he talks later in the week after some practices, when anyone knows for certain what his situation really is.


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