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More Big Plays Needed

Justin Fields' six explosive passes in the loss to Pittsburgh might be the kind of production he needs against a Baltimore Ravens defense ranked 28th against the pass.

The bad news for the Bears offense is only three other teams stop the run better than Baltimore's defense.

So, no, this does not look like a good week for David Montgomery in fantasy football leagues or in the NFL for that matter.

"They just fly around," Montgomery said. "They're a very, very physical team. Very physical on defense. They definitely fly around, every guy.

"You can tell they take pride in stopping the run."

The good news is Justin Fields provides alternative running and his passing game has picked up in the last two games.

So Fields will need to continue the passing progress he made against Pittsburgh in the second half, after the Bears trailed 20-6. Baltimore has allowed 409 yards passing in two games, 343 and 390 yards in other games. Miami's Tua Tagavailoa and Jacoby Brissett combined for 290 net passing yards against them in last week's 22-10 win over the Ravens.

They see the career-high 291 yards passing against Pittsburgh as a sign he's more in tune with the passing offense.

"I think we've seen him continue to get better as far as playing on rhythm, playing on the right time," offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said. "Yeah, I think he's on track."

Fields' overall statistics indicate he has struggled as a rookie passer and his real improvement came in two small sample sizes against San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

"Again, we spend a lot more time looking at the small picture than the big picture," Lazor said. "So most of the questions I get asked are about the big picture because that's the headlines but most of what we deal with is play by play by play, get better, add them up, pile them up."

The big picture is nice to know.

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"I guess the big picture is looking good, but that's not what we deal in that much," Lazor said.

The close-up picture is Fields being able to beat Baltimore and end the four-game losing streak currently gripping the Bears.

A picture from even closer up is within the huddle. It was there where Bears offensive players saw the kind of demeanor with their rookie that veterans hope to have under pressure.

"I just sensed poise," guard Cody Whitehair said of Fields. "He never really got to high, never really got too low. He just kinda stayed the course, and we knew that was in him to make big plays like he did.

"We're just gonna build off that moving forward and get a win this week."

Fields will need to be at optimum level all game against the Ravens defense because of their ability to stuff the run.

"Justin is an incredible player," Montgomery said. "Like I always say, he's an incredible human as well. But I think he definitely helps everybody, not just me specifically, with Justin being able to do what he does with his legs and his arms especially.

"Being able to have him do different things, it helps everybody."

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