Matt Nagy's "no turds" comment becomes all the rage

Gene Chamberlain

Bears coach Matt Nagy has a knack for saying or doing things that get picked up by others.

It's part of being a leader when these things happen.

Sometimes it's a well-planned comment or saying, other times not so much.

It's unlikely he expected hollering "Boom" in the postgame victory celebration to become something they showed on the Soldier Field video board or repeatedly on websites.

His "Be You" or "B U" slogan was probably more calculated.

On Sunday he came up with one just talking with media after the testy practice the Bears had to close out Bourbonnais camp, and immediately fans started seizing upon it.

Players weren't fast enough in and out of the huddle. At one point offensive line coach Harry Hiestand yelled at the backup offensive linemen along the sidelines.

Nagy addressed all the hollering on the final day of practice before breaking camp.

"They’re fine, they get it," Nagy said. "They've seen coaches get on them before. That's not a first time. They react well. And they're all, again I'm going to always revert back to that when you have high-character people, they can handle that.

"If you have a bunch of bad people or turds, they don't. And we don't have turds on this team."

Immediately, the fans have begun using the slogan on Twitter and there are T-shirts being made: "No Turds."

This is actually a part of the whole Legacy book Nagy has discussed in the past. It was the book about the All Blacks rugby team of New Zealand and how no player is too big for the smallest tasks as they've built their legacy of success.

Nagy and GM Ryan Pace talked plenty about the team's culture at the season-opening press conference, and this falls in line with their concept.

It's just, no one can ever be sure where social media and capitalism will take simple concepts once they're voiced.

Expect the "No Turds" T-shirts to be all over come Sept. 5 at Soldier Field.