Mitchell Trubisky, Bears offense get thumbs up from Matt Nagy

Gene Chamberlain

Nothing has been more tiresome in Bears camp than the constant scrutiny of Mitchell Trubisky's every practice pass than perhaps the sound of the football being kicked off of uprights.

Two more hit the uprights Tuesday on missed kicks, one by each kicker, and at least they had the civility of doinking off each upright instead of ganging up on one.

But the Trubisky scrutiny will always be there, and on Tuesday coach Matt Nagy said he and his quarterback had a little talk in the morning before the first practice at Halas Hall.

"We had a really good talk this morning in regards to you can kind of pull back, now that we're in our own territory, our own offices and I got him in and we just talked," Nagy said. "I get to kind of hear how he thinks things went and he can hear how I think things went, where are we going with this thing collectively — because that's what it's all about.

"And right now we're both really happy, we're excited and I think I'm cautiously optimistic about our offense in general and just our team."

Obviously anyone who can keep saying they have faith in doinking kickers has optimism, but Nagy's positive approach to Trubisky's play in camp so far has been largely based on situation.

Some of the sporadic play Trubisky has been because of the type of situation he's in at the time. He's throwing passes against his own defense, without a game plan, sometimes experimenting with a play, much of the time without regard to what the defense is even doing strategically, and it's not easy to find a receiver who gets open under those circumstances.

Add in the fact that it's the Bears' No. 1-ranked defense and it has made his task all the more difficult.

Valid? Matt Nagy and Trubisky don't care what people think. This is the plan and they're sticking with it.

"Let me tell you something: We're in a phenomenal spot right now," Nagy said. "I love where we're at. Not one thing has changed with our offense in general. I feel really good. It's fun testing it out, what we're doing right now."

Trubisky found the offense and his progress in a similar spot as the Bears prepare for Friday's game in New Jersey with the New York Giants.

"It's good," Trubisky said. "We're still progressing. Getting better every day. I think we threw a lot at myself and the offense throughout training camp and whether it's adding more new stuff or pulling back a little bit and keeping it simple, allowing the offense to play fast, allowing me to play fast.

"And he just wants me to go out there and be the point guard, distribute the ball to our play makers. And that's really all I've gotta do within this offense. Just stay on top of everything. Continue to master it, go through it, know what I've gotta do within my job and get the ball to the play makers."

With three preseason games remaining, Trubisky seems content with not playing more than a few preseason snaps. He played only three snaps in the preseason opener, and handed off three times. He wouldn't mind playing more.

"I always want to play in the preseason," Trubisky said. "I just think it's football to me. But even though it doesn't count, you want to go out there and get the reps.

"But it's not up to me and I definitely believe in the big picture and whatever coach believes in. Whether he wants me to go out there and do a couple handoffs and come out, I support that, or whether he wants me to go out there and throw 50 times in a preseason — that's not going to happen but I'd support that as well."

Last year Trubisky didn't play in the last two preseason games and Nagy drew intense criticism for keeping almost all his starters off the field then. It worked out fine.

"We trusted the process last year, going through the preseason, and I think it worked out for us," Trubisky said. "And I feel really comfortable with where I'm at in the offense and we're getting challenged every day going against our defense."

Tuesday's wasn't the last time Trubisky and Nagy plan to have a meeting of this type.

"We're going to continue to have those meetings and those conversations and stay on the same page," Trubisky said. "And he lets me know where I'm at and where we want to go and how we want to build this offense into what we want it to be."