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By position group, the Bears roster looks no better compared to the rest of the NFL than when compared by the full roster.

The people at Pro Football Focus, however, have determined at least one Bears position group ranks in the top half of the NFL.

Thanks to David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert, the Bears running backs are ranked 16th overall by PFF in their positional group ratings.

The Bears have three position groups ranked next to last by PFF, and the receivers have the dubious distinction of being rated last in the league. The only group other than running backs ranked higher than 31st is the linebacker group and they nearly reached the top half, rating 18th despite having two-time All-Pro second team Roquan Smith.

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Ben Linsey of PFF says Montgomery rates in the top 24% of running backs in average missed tackles forced and top 15% in missed tackles forced on receptions over the last three seasons. Linsey also pointed out that Herbert last year owned the highest rushing grade for all rookie running backs who had at least 100 carries.

"This is the strength of Chicago's roster, which doesn't speak super well to the talent put in place around Justin Fields," Linsey wrote.

It is encouraging for Montgomery, however, considering he is due a contract extension.  Also, it speaks well for both he and Herbert considering the backs behind them on the roster have done nothing in the NFL.

The rankings of position groups by PFF did not include quarterbacks, which receive separate consideration.

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