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Justin Fields No 'Checkdown Charlie'

Justin Fields really enjoyed seeing one play in particular from Trevor Siemian last week and it makes sense because it's a play he doesn't seem to execute much.

Justin Fields has run 67 and 61 yards for touchdowns, thrown TD passes of various lengths and on different types of plays.

Yet one play that might seem rather coincidental or even meager to some by comparison was among his favorite plays Sunday when the Bears lost to the Jets 31-10.

Fields enjoyed watching a checkdown pass for 33 yards by Siemian to Darrynton Evans.

It was the fifth Bears play of the game from the Jets 42, and Evans caught the short dump-off and took it 33 yards to the 9-yard line, setting up a 22-yard Cairo Santos field goal.

"I saw a lot of good stuff from him," Fields said of Siemian. "There was one play where he checked the ball to Darrynton and he got a 30-yard gain. I think that was one of my favorite plays of the game. Stuff like that, I can learn from. I definitely learned a lot from him."

It's not surprising actually. Fields' tendency is to throw the deeper ball, to not get through all of his reads before throwing it or deciding to spin out of the pocket and running 30 yards. David Montgomery averages 2.0 catches per game with Fields as starting quarterback. He was averaging 3.6 catches a game in his first two seasons before Fields came to the Bears.

"Of course, he's been in the league for a good amount of time," Fields said. "Him and Nate (Peterman), when they have advice they always share it with me.

"So, it's good having those two guys in the room, for sure."

Actually, they have three now with the signing of Lions practice squad quarterback Tim Boyle as Fields gets past his shoulder separation and Siemian the oblique strain that kept him out of practice Wednesday.

Fields said watching Siemian last week brought back memories of when he was watching Andy Dalton start last season.

"It was kind of like the beginning of last year," he said. "I was just trying to help him as much as I can with defensive signals, how they're communicating."


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