Second-Half Bears Reset Could Start on Offensive Line

Gene Chamberlain

An offensive line change seems possible if not probable for the Bears, although they're unlikely to officially announce it until game time.

Cody Whitehair would return to center and James Daniels would go back to left guard, where each played last season before they switched during the start of offseason practices.

Coach Matt Nagy on Thursday did not want to confirm a move for the sake of keeping a "competitive advantage."

"It's again, something that, for us, we look at the whole thing, not just the parts," Bears coach Matt Nagy said, when asked why the Whitehair-Daniels switch hasn't worked. "And there's a lot of different reasons for a lot of different things with this offense right now that, at this point in time, right now. I just, it doesn't benefit us at all to start getting into that.

"So there's a lot of things with this offense that we need to get better at and it starts with myself."

Nagy remained vague when asked more about the switch.

"Whenever you're looking at these position switches, whatever it is, offense, defense, special teams, we're always doing, you know, we talking about solutions," he said. "So if that's something we decide to do, either at that position or somewhere else, there's always a why behind it."

He just didn't want to discuss the why or what.

"Again, there's a lot of things with this team right now that we just are always looking at, and I think that for us, for the competitive advantage, just keep everything with us. In detail," Nagy added.

The Bears have lost four straight and rank 29th on offense, 30th in passing and 27th in rushing.

Until the last two games, they had been relatively solid at pass blocking.

However, the Chargers' edge rushers two weeks ago and the Eagles' Fletcher Cox inside last week had no problem disrupting the Bears' blocking scheme to cause sacks.

Nagy said the halfway point does constitute a reset opportunity of sorts for the offense.

"It's a good point because we are halfway through and there's as many games as we just played, we got that many guaranteed for sure," Nagy said. "So when you say, is it a reset button? We discuss that.

"We don't want to look that far ahead, but we want to understand that we are at the halfway point so how are we going to go about finishing the second half and that's going to be what I think is something that we look back on how we handled everything. It's day by day, game by game, but at the same time, yeah you can certainly put it that way."

Wide receiver Allen Robinson said no one has lost faith the offense can pull it together this season.

"We still have things that we want to get accomplished as a team," Robinson said. "So we're trying to figure those things out."

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I like the switch. I think at this point Nagy is just going through the list of everything they did last year and trying to go back lol.